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West Hanoi real estate project catches up with international living trends


Masteri West Heights welcomes the trend of green living to the throne after Covid-19, meeting the physical and mental health needs of residents.

According to a report by the Global Health Institute (GWI) – a leading research organization in the healthcare industry, the pandemic has spurred a shift in the real estate industry, towards integrating the element of healthcare. .

From 2019 to 2020, healthcare real estate will grow by more than 22%, of which the US and China account for 60% of the market. Also according to GWI’s definition, the trend of living for health, living “wellness” is the active pursuit of activities and lifestyle choices through physical, mental and emotional activities to take care of health. overview.

According to some experts, under the impact of Covid-19, many people’s living and traveling habits as well as their perception of the value of life have gradually changed. If in the past, people spent a lot of time and money on trips to discover new lands or ideal resorts to “refresh” themselves. Now, Covid-19 has reminded us of the value of health, making the need to find a living space that meets all three criteria: living – working – relaxing.

Living space in harmony with nature to help improve health is a key factor to focus on when choosing a place to live.

Highlights of real estate in the West of Hanoi

The goal of balancing physical health and mental well-being is also the driving force behind the design, creation and redevelopment of wellness living spaces. This lifestyle trend emphasizes active, healthy, relaxed, close-to-nature activities and lifestyles that help people regenerate energy and take care of their overall health.

In West Hanoi – the most dynamic development area in the capital, Masteri West Heights is one of the typical projects with a standard wellness lifestyle. That is reflected from the location factor, green living space, dual utility chain to design standards, construction quality and finishing materials.

According to a representative of Masterise Homes, the project developer, in order to provide a living environment with a high health index, it is important how to bring a real “green living” space to the residents. .


Green, fresh vegetation creates a relaxing living space for residents of Masteri West Heights.

For Masteri West Heights, the designs were made by Land Sculptor, the world-renowned landscaper. The veteran architects have brought diverse vegetation and trees in public areas or internal facilities.

For example, the air-purifying green garden is arranged with a fresh air purifier system to bring a fresh living environment to the residents. Utilities dedicated to health such as meditation ground, yoga area under waterfall or rooftop swimming pool are carefully invested by Masterise Homes in terms of design and creativity, bringing different living spaces. This will be a place where residents can enjoy peace, relax body – mind – mind amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life.

In addition to well-being facilities to help residents relax and unwind in their own home, Masteri West Heights is also invested with many interesting facilities, bringing an active lifestyle and many experiences. Private and upscale living. Children’s play area, outdoor stage, entertainment room, outdoor library or indoor cinema are exclusively designed for residents, bringing a truly high-class, separate life with full rich amenities.

Meeting the needs of a healthy and quality life of modern residents, Masteri West Heights helps elevate the value of a home-based resort lifestyle, towards a sustainable living value.


Relaxing, quiet space at Masteri West Heights’ yoga and meditation ground.

“At Masteri West Heights, a healthy lifestyle and wellness life become clearer than ever. From here, every new day of residents in the new downtown area of ​​the Capital will always be filled with energy, foster happiness and peace,” said a business representative.

Masteri West Heights offers a new standard of luxury and sophistication. Located in the heart of Vinhomes Smart City, Masteri West Heights creates a modern-style living space with high-class amenities, where residents can enjoy many exclusive facilities and easily connect to the city. other rich facilities of the great city.

Hoai Phong
Photo: Masteri West Heights

Discover international living standards in the West of Hanoi at Sales Gallery – Masteri West Heights: Japanese Garden – Cau Coc, Smart City, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi.
Website: https://masterisehomes.com/masteri-west-heights
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