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Vinhomes offers incentives for customers to transact online


Customers can immediately own apartments in the two mega-urban areas Vinhomes Smart City and Vinhomes Ocean Park (Hanoi) with an initial finance of VND 222 million, when transacting online.

Vinhomes Joint Stock Company announced a special incentive program for customers who transact online through Vinhomes Online. Accordingly, customers can arrange an initial budget of 15% of the announced price. owning apartments in Vinhomes Smart City and Vinhomes Ocean Park (conditional application program). The remaining value will be supported by the investor and the bank with 0% interest. With this policy, customers only need an accumulation of VND 222 million, and up to 3 years without paying interest.

In addition, customers also have the opportunity to receive a housewarming gift/furniture package for each apartment line in the program “Go home early, receive luxury gifts”, with the highest gift package value up to 9%. apartment selling price.

“This will be a support to help homeowners save a significant investment when moving in,” said a representative of Vinhomes.

Online real estate transactions are currently being applied by many investors in the context of the epidemic. Photo: wines

As soon as the purchase and sale contract is signed, customers buying a house through Vinhomes Online will also be given a VinFast car purchase voucher up to VND 200 million, providing the opportunity to own a luxury home – a luxury car quickly and simply. In particular, guests also receive an additional 0.5% discount when ordering apartments through the Vinhomes Online platform.

Since its launch in April 2020, the real estate e-commerce platform Vinhomes Online has become an important sales channel of Vinhomes, effectively supporting customers who can buy houses online, especially in the current period. disease outbreaks are complicated.

With the motto of 3 best: “Fastest – Most convenient – Lowest cost”, Vinhomes helps customers easily own a luxury apartment with only 4 operations: registration / login – product search – selection suitable products – make a deposit/order on the Vinhomes Online platform.

During the process of researching and trading apartments on Vinhomes Onlines, customers will be consulted, supported and cared for by a system of official Vinhomes sales agents, helping customers complete their profile and quick and legal procedures.

According to the investor, with preferential policies and effective support from technology, Vinhomes Online offers the opportunity to easily own a high-class Vinhomes apartment in the context of social distancing because of the epidemic, and at the same time contribute to the success of the project. contributing to the excitement of the real estate market at the end of 2021.

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