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Vinhomes Ocean Park changes the face of the east of Hanoi


With 28,000 residents and a modern green office building, the bright apartments at Vinhomes Ocean Park contribute to a busy area in the east of Hanoi.

“People who often drive on the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway will feel the dizzying rapid makeover of the eastern part of Hanoi,” said Thai Manh Binh, a highly skilled real estate broker. provides a brief description of the change of an area that was previously considered the outskirts of Hanoi.

According to Mr. Binh’s observations, after only 3 years, including 2 years affected by the epidemic, the low-lying land has turned into the largest and most modern metropolis in the North, changing the skin of the whole area. large area in Gia Lam district. Originally a large lake, modern apartment buildings, villas embracing the lake; to VinUni University, 45-storey office tower… The change makes anyone driving on the highway can’t help but look up.

“Vinhomes Ocean Park creates an overwhelming feeling for every visitor as soon as they drive to Hanoi, which in the past people only saw when crossing the bridge over the Red River,” said Mr. Binh.

Panorama of Vinhomes Ocean Park in the evening. Photo: wines

Urban planning experts say that the transport infrastructure including the Red River crossing bridge system and synchronously invested roads has become a push to make the East area’s development speed increase exponentially. . Prominent among them is the urban model Vinhomes Ocean Park.

From “Vietnam’s largest saltwater lake” with a 6.1ha saltwater lake project to a record of “Vietnam’s largest artificial white sand lake” with 24.5ha Pearl Lake project, the same system With a system of parks, green spaces spread throughout, the investor has diligently built and opened great utilities to change the skin of a wild land, turning this place into a new central urban area in Hanoi. Interior.

The rapid development of the East area has created an epidemic of residents moving from the old central area (Old Town) to the new center (New City), in which Vinhomes Ocean Park plays the role of an urban area. nuclear market. With nearly 28,000 residents, thousands of lighted windows, the most comfortable, bustling and livable city in Hanoi has been established, with full facilities from international quality education, shopping center and more than 200 service shops, supermarkets, convenience stores, fully equipped at the foot of the apartment buildings.

As one of the iconic works of Vinhomes Ocean Park, VinUni University has turned the eastern metropolis into a new destination for higher education. This will be the place to train the country’s elite talents, becoming the perfect “study abroad” choice during the 2 years of the pandemic.

Not only serving the convenience of residents, Vinhomes Ocean Park also becomes the entertainment – shopping center of the whole area with 4-storey Vincom Mega Mall, up to 56,000m2 wide, in the Top 5 centers. Vincom is the largest commercial system in the system.

Along with that, the TechnoPark Tower office tower is planned synchronously towards the goal of being in the top 10 smartest buildings in the world, expected to become a new “Silicon valley” of Vietnam, attracting investors The world’s leading technology group with experts and senior intellectuals comes to work. In early October, this tower will officially open.

TechnoPark Tower office tower.  (Photo???)

TechnoPark Tower office tower. Photo: wines

According to the investor, with the appearance of a comprehensive utility ecosystem including Vincom – Vinmec – VinUni – Vinschool – TechnoPark Tower, a new “light capital” has appeared in the east of the capital, where only 3 years ago it was still a wasteland. Vinhomes Ocean Park plays a pioneering role in leading new real estate projects to join the journey to change the face of a large area east of Hanoi.

“New centers formed in cities play an extremely important role, most notably as a mark in improving the quality of life for tens of thousands of people in the region,” said the planning expert.

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