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Vinh Park River meets the needs of ecological urban areas in Nghe An


Vinh Park River is inspired by a botanical park, surrounded by Lam River and Cau Gay River, meeting the needs of an ecological urban area in Nghe An market.

In recent years, the concept and mindset of urban dwellers have gradually changed, especially when hot weather, natural disasters and epidemics appear. Eco-urban areas become a new trend when people increasingly want to live in the direction of “naturalism”. In addition to the “green” factor, the new ecological urban areas also exploit the element of harmony in feng shui.

Perspective of Vinh Park River project located on the riverside.

According to feng shui researchers, the content of an ecological urban area is synonymous with ensuring a harmonious ratio between the water surface and the trees. Viewed from the perspective of feng shui, most of the previous residential constructions revolved around only 3 elements: earth (earth), fire (brick), metal (electronic equipment) while looking down on wood (green trees). – aquatic (water surface). Today, the water surface and green trees are likened to the final piece in creating the balance of the five elements.

When feng shui is in harmony, it inevitably leads to an increase in vitality in the living place, helping the occupants to have good luck. It is also an ideal living environment for people to live healthier, happier, wealthier and more prosperous.

The trend of settling down in ecological urban areas has been developing strongly. But in Nghe An, typically Vinh city, the presence of ecological urban areas is still very faint.

As one of the provinces with the largest area in the country, fully converging development conditions with forest – sea – border, Vinh city and surrounding areas are identified as socio-economic centers. Cultural development not only of the province but also the North Central region.

According to investors, Vinh city owns a modest proportion of trees and water surface space. People here also face pollution from the lake in the central park. “That’s why the demand for ecological living space of people here has increased over time,” said an investor.

With a high per capita income, estimated at 105 million VND per person per year, Vinh people are aiming for a life with modern and synchronous facilities. Residents can feel the fresh living space and enjoy a step to many amenities.

Vinh Park River - Ecological urban area south of Vinh City is especially attracting Nghe An market

Perspective of Vinh Park River project.

Before the “thirst” for ecological urban areas, recently, MBLand, the project developer, introduced to the market the ecological urban area – Vinh Park River, inspired by the botanical park, with a location recognized surrounded by 2 rivers Lam and Cau Giay river. “In the near future, with the appearance of this ecological urban area, we believe that the living standard of Vinh people will be raised,” the MBLand representative expected.

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Project developer: MBLand
Sales management and consulting unit: WeLand
Project website: https://vinhparkriver.com.vn/
Project hotline: 08.3399.3799 VND
Distribution agent: MGLand, Viethousing, Tan Long, Cenland, Dat Xanh North Central Coast, VHG, Au Lac Land, MDLand, Euro holding, S-Real, Vland



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