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Villa village next to Lagoon canal – highlight at NovaWorld Ho Tram


Recreating the ancient European village by the canal filled with green, the Lagoon villas at The Tropicana – NovaWorld Ho Tram offer a unique resort space right next to Ho Chi Minh City.

Trends in search of nature

“The epidemic has completely changed the concept, function and value of the house. When the home becomes a place to live, work, exercise… has made many people question how they live, what they do. really want to be at home, for yourself, your family and your community,” Beth McGroarty, Vice President of Research and Forecasting at the Institute of Global Health, told a conference on health and real estate. “The answer is a healthier, safer, more natural and sustainable living space,” he said.

The Lagoon villa area at NovaWorld Ho Tram recreates a village in the middle of nature with a European fairy sound. Photo: NovaWorld Ho Tram

The trend of resorting in connection with nature, seeking a sustainable and healthy natural lifestyle is further promoted by the pandemic. Many studies around the world have also shown a close correlation between the green environment and the happiness of residents, as well as their social satisfaction. As a result, positive life experiences will lead to a healthy life, physical and mental happiness, and a sustainable life.

Unique resort space in the “village” of Lagoon villas – NovaWorld Ho Tram

At a time when health awareness is at an all-time high, at The Tropicana – NovaWorld Ho Tram project (Ho Tram, Ba Ria – Vung Tau) has created a peaceful Lagoon villa village between Nature “bracelet”.

Villa village next to the first Lagoon canal in Ho Tram.  Photo: NovaWorld Ho Tram

Villa village next to the first Lagoon canal in Ho Tram. Photo: NovaWorld Ho Tram

Inspired by Giethoorn, an ancient Dutch village, the subdivision is impressed by the unique Lagoon canal landscape system surrounding the villas, located in the middle of the pristine marine forest ecosystem in Ho Tram, bringing a space “filled with natural green” for families to relax and take care of their health.

Surrounding the Lagoon villa area is a unique marine landscape and canal system

Surrounding the Lagoon villa area is a unique marine landscape and canal system. Photo: NovaWorld Ho Tram

The green Lagoon canal system both creates a beautiful and peaceful landscape, and contributes to regulating the climate to keep the air in the houses cool and comfortable. Along the canal, there is also a landscape of shady trees and brilliant flowers and bushes, which is a truly “pure nature” place to relax with afternoon tea, enjoy the coastal sunset and recharge the positive energy. positive, regenerate health and spirit.

The Lagoon canal stretches for 3.8km, winding between rows of colorful villas, suitable for residents and visitors to travel by kayak, relax, immerse in the peaceful scenery and have a visual experience. Impressive with the typical architecture of the “village” of European fairy villas such as Gothic, Tudor, English Cottage, English Georgian, Spanish, Luxury Villas,…

Ngoc Huyen, an investor in Ho Chi Minh City, is impressed with the Lagoon villas not only by the canal but also by the unique design style here. In it, she paid attention to the cluster of Tudor villas, especially for owners who love the nostalgia of the ancient and fairy-tale times. “I used to travel to the Netherlands, very fond of the green canals of Giethoorn village. Smoke and the noise of car horns do not exist in this place. People there live in harmony with nature and peace. .. that’s one of the reasons why people here live a long life,” she shared.

Therefore, when she learned of the Lagoon subdivision at NovaWorld Ho Tram, Huyen decided to own a villa here. “Now there is no need to go to Europe, my family and I can enjoy a quality living space, full of utilities and harmony with nature, good for the whole family’s health, right next to Saigon”, Ms. Huyen added.

Villa village next to the first Lagoon canal in Ho Tram

Residents and visitors can travel by kayak along the Lagoon Canal. Photo: NovaWorld Ho Tram

Mr. Thanh Hung, a customer in the West, often moves between Ho Tram – Can Tho, is looking for a place to rest for his family after the recent epidemic fluctuations. He said that when visiting the project, he was conquered by the canal and the green areas from trees and flowers stretching in this subdivision. “My family is multi-generational, in which my parents are both elderly. Having a second home here would be ideal, my family has just had a relaxing place “with nature” to have fun and rest. together every weekend, just so that grandparents can have a fresh and comfortable space to relax and enjoy old age,” Hung said.

In addition to the unique resort space filled with nature, the project is also planned in the NovaWorld Ho Tram complex with a variety of high-class utilities to ensure the most complete, modern and comfortable experience for both homeowners and Tourists with organic farms, Tropicana Park amusement park, coastal shophouse chain gathering many famous shopping and culinary brands, Binh Chau hot springs, Safari wild zoo,…

Phong Van

Many great incentives when owning villas at The Tropicana – NovaWorld Ho Tram: commitment interest rate up to 5.5%/year (from October 1 to October 10); 30% payment until receiving the house; pre-booking incentives of 100 million VND; NovaWorld Collection 5%; Novaloyalty to 5%; gift “Nova Special Gift” 100-600 million.
Readers can refer to the detailed information via hotline: 0909888886 – 0908032038 or website: novaworldhotram.vn.



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