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Van Phu – Invest connects architecture and people in living space


The living space is formed from the human-centered philosophy that has created a different mark in each project of Van Phu – Invest.

Daniel Libeskind – a Polish-American architect known for bringing complex ideas and emotions into his designs once said: “architecture is not based on concrete, steel or elements. of the earth. It is based on magic.”

Today, home is more than just a place to live. Many residents are looking for projects that match their interests, lifestyles and personal aspirations. This is realized from giving priority to re-energizing residents’ lives, helping to foster health and spiritual values ​​for each member, to building a civilized community.

Besides, putting people as the center is also an inspiration for living spaces rich in aesthetic value. Here, each nest not only ensures comfort and modernity, but also upholds artistic values ​​to provide a good living environment for all residents.

Residential lobby at Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo project.

Pursuing the goal of focusing on people, Van Phu – Invest wishes to bring customers the development of both material and spiritual life. Based on professional project development capabilities and experience, and financial potential, instead of optimizing all areas for business and commerce, Van Phu – Invest always focuses on quality and experience. resident’s living experience. From projects in the standard segment to the luxury segment, they ensure to create the best quality of life.

Space to restore energy and ensure health

Each project of Van Phu – Invest has its own design mark. Through a process of careful research and investigation, this investor creates a living space to help residents relieve life pressure to regenerate energy, restore spirit… In the context of living environment High risk of pollution, the need to live green and healthy is increasingly important. Therefore, in each design, Van Phu – Invest aims to maintain a fresh and energetic living space through a system of utilities focusing on improving health.

The infinity pool at the Oakwood Residence Ha Noi hotel.

The infinity pool at the Oakwood Residence Ha Noi hotel.

In luxury projects such as Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo or Oakwood Residence hotel, investor Van Phu – Invest has arranged swimming pools in the most beautiful location in the building. Here, residents can enjoy the full sunset view of the windy West Lake from the Oakwood hotel or cover the entire view of Ba Dinh area at the swimming pool of Grandeur Palace – Giang Vo.

Not only that, most of the swimming pools at Van Phu – Invest’s projects are arranged indoors and are four-season swimming pools so that swimming activities of residents are not interrupted by the weather. Swimming pools are also designed to meet Olympic standards with a length of 50 meters, providing a relaxing moment for residents to recover energy.

Or with The Terra – An Hung project, the smart utility system is designed based on empathy for multi-generational family life. Most of the floors in the high-rise area are researched to arrange a system of trees and water surface suitable to make a relaxing space to rest, where residents can relax to enjoy drinks, watch the green nature and relax. panoramic view of the west of the city when the lights are on.

In addition, Van Phu – Invest also arranges a BBQ area for residents right in the outdoor common space of high-rise towers to bring new experiences and help families bond more. The public area of ​​the project is also designed to be a library for children to both interact with friends and develop a reading culture, towards building a knowledge community in the future.

Green space is arranged on the floors of The Terra - An Hung project

Green space is arranged on the floors of The Terra – An Hung project.

Smart space optimization design

In addition, Van Phu – Invest also devotes a lot of research to come up with innovative designs to take advantage of smart spaces, bringing unique living experiences to the resident community.

In particular, the smart glass bridge is arranged on the 33rd floor of The Terra – An Hung project, derived from the original purpose of being a circulation route between 3 buildings, serving the function of exiting to the emergency rooms. in case of emergency. However, Van Phu – Invest has created and transformed the bridge into a relaxing spot in the area. This is not only a place where residents can take a walk, relax, enjoy the panoramic view of the West of the city, but also a symbol that brings uniqueness and difference to The Terra – An Hung.

“The glass bridge is a testament to the dedication, creativity and solid expertise of Van Phu – Invest in creating a different living space while ensuring the quality and safety of the project”, the representative said. said the investor.

Glass bridge is located on the 33rd floor of The Terra - An Hung project.

Glass bridge is located on the 33rd floor of The Terra – An Hung project.

The aesthetic living space is also marked by the delicate design in the hands of talented architects. At The Terra – An Hung, instead of using a square block and a face-to-face sheathing solution to create heavy shapes, the facade of the building is divided into cubes and assembled from development modules. grow vertically, the opposite ends are empty blocks.

This is the highlight of the project, so that every night when night falls, these gaps will glow, depicting more clearly the image of green tree shoots facing the sky. The shape of the building also creates a sense of space, completely different from the urban areas where buildings are arranged close together, obscuring the view to the outside.

According to the representative of the investor, with the desire to create a quality and adequate settlement community, Van Phu – Invest strives to put all its understanding, dedication, professionalism and above all respect from the owner. investment to ensure to bring customers a sustainable, secure and comfortable living experience.

“It is the cultivation of a dream-like living space, where there is a connection between people with nature, people with people and people with the responsibility of preserving and protecting sustainable development in localities. This is also the clearest demonstration of Van Phu – Invest’s development goals and philosophy for nearly two decades,” he said.

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