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Townhouses, eco-villas in satellite towns to welcome investment waves


The product line of townhouses and villas in ecological urban areas in the East of Ho Chi Minh City is highly appreciated by investors because of its potential for price increase and safe investment.

Townhouses and villas keep steady growth

Reports of many market research units also show that cash flows are flowing strongly into the segment of townhouses and villas in the market adjacent to major cities. According to the latest report of JLL Vietnam, the demand for finding townhouses and villas in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces is stable even in the context of the Covid epidemic. The supply of townhouses and villas in Dong Nai, Long An, Ba Ria – Vung Tau was larger in Q2.

The selling price of this product line has also recorded a rapid increase in recent times. According to JLL Vietnam, the average primary selling price of townhouses in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces reached US$2,849 per sqm (equivalent to VND65.5 million), up 15.9% YoY and 7.9 % Quarterly. This increase mainly comes from large-scale projects in Dong Nai, Long An…

Exchange with VnExpressTran Minh Hoang – Deputy General Secretary of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association said that the segment of townhouses in the satellite urban areas adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City is attracting the most attention today thanks to its high fertility. safe word. In addition, for a long time, people have always had the mentality of owning land-based houses, so the product lines of townhouses and villas have always attracted customers because they both meet the needs of living and are rich in profit potential.

In particular, townhouses and ecological villas in well-planned satellite urban areas around Ho Chi Minh City have many advantages. According to Mr. Hoang, the eco-real estate line meets the needs of many customer groups, especially those with good incomes and high quality living space.

Townhouses, villas in satellite ecological urban areas are popular with investors.

“Eco-urban real estate is considered a safe haven for many customers in the current Covid-19 pandemic. With the rapid urbanization speed, finding a product in an ecological urban It is not easy to fully plan for utilities. Therefore, products that meet these needs will bring good returns both in terms of investment and added value in the future,” said Mr. Hoang.

The attraction of townhouses and eco-villas

In fact, many satellite urban projects around Ho Chi Minh City recorded good purchasing power. Typically, the smart ecological urban area Aqua City of Novaland Group in the East of Saigon. According to this unit, the products of townhouses and villas in the project have good absorption, attracting many investors in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. Customers appreciate the product design, ecological space, and modern utilities at the project.

As a customer who owns a townhouse on Phuong Hoang Island, Mr. Nguyen Quang Loc thinks that this is a suitable living space for the family and also a potential product for investment. “What I like the most is that Phoenix Island is surrounded by water, good for feng shui and health. Private living space but full of amenities,” Mr. Loc shared.

Not only townhouses, the villas in this urban area have also attracted visitors during the past time. Recently, the line of duplex villas “Masterpieces” on Phuong Hoang Island (Aqua City) has just been launched and quickly caught the “green eyes” of many investors.

According to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Huy – a representative of a distribution floor, the product is loved by customers because of its spacious and airy living space and the advantage of location, utility system and distinctive design.

Design a masterpiece duplex villa on Phuong Hoang Island.

Design of a duplex villa “The Masterpiece of the Twin Family” on Phuong Hoang Island.

The outstanding value of the “Magnificent Twin Family” model also comes from its superiority in the design of living space. The garden in front, behind the house or the spacious terrace is designed flexibly, depending on the wishes of the owner, the two houses can be connected to each other. This highlight is convenient for large families, brothers and friends who want to live close to each other, both intimate and private enough when separate from the other apartments.

Depending on the needs of settlement or investment flow, customers will choose townhouses or villas, however, any product line at Aqua City also possesses outstanding potential with a landscape ecosystem and complete utilities. from health – education – entertainment – entertainment – shopping. In addition, NovaGroup’s comprehensive ecosystem will add a strong resource during the exploitation and operation, thereby contributing to adding long-term value to the product.

Ecological, comfortable and healthy living space at Phuong Hoang Island, Aqua City.

Ecological, comfortable and healthy living space at Phuong Hoang Island, Aqua City.

“The near future will be a time of favorable weather, favorable location and harmony to attract residents to satellite urban real estate, where moving is easier and easier because of developed infrastructure. In the context of demand The increase in healthcare, the product line of townhouses and eco-villas in fully planned urban areas will attract customers,” said Mr. Minh Hoang.

My Heart

With 5% of the initial capital, customers can own real estate in the smart eco-urban project Aqua City and many other attractive incentives: an additional 5% discount / product when investing from two products belonging to the line of duplex villas “The Masterpiece Twin” with a commitment of up to 24% interest in 2 years, a discount of up to 4% of the product value (according to the bank loan schedule), a voucher worth VND 100 million, stock incentives East Novaland 110 million VND, garden design and construction package from 100 to 500 million VND, preferential Loyalty 1-5%…



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