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‘There are still tens of thousands of real estate transactions during Covid-19’ – VnExpress Business


To clarify Mr. Thien’s comments, ceconomic expert – Vo Tri Thanh expands on the trend “revenge” consumption. He asked himself a series of questions: How will this economy recover? Real estate is an important field in terms of property, life, can investors hold? Last quarter, Vietnam’s growth was considered the lowest in history, the difficulties were great. However, there are still positive points, he said.

First, about the epidemic factor, the first time of vaccination was slow, the last 40 days were very fast, which is an important condition for returning to normal. Second, the anti-epidemic strategy changes, which is an important premise. Besides, the world economy recovered, despite difficulties, this year’s world economic growth still grew positively.

“We can control the epidemic. It is forecast that Vietnam’s economic growth next year will be 6% or more. Real estate investment still has many expectations. In the past two years, many countries around the world and Vietnam have Real estate is still a bright spot, with good liquidity and good prices. From the perspective of consumers, it is difficult because of the price increase. This reflects the shift in lifestyle, living green, living well, happily, eating well. , leading to the trend of real estate relocation,” he said.

He added, having just attended a consumer conference, analyzed many consumer groups. Among them are the middle-class, cautious group, the group with money, the middle class. The common point of these groups is the tendency to consume “revenge”. In fact, countries that return to normal quickly, like China, are fast recovering tourism, luxury consumption.

Vietnam shows changes in difficult times. Currently, with the state of gradual opening and recovery, the changing trend will continue. “If we observe in Vietnam, during the epidemic period, not all provinces have negative growth. Specifically, Vinh Phuc, Hai Phong, grew by 14%. That will continue the recovery period. Besides, Residential real estate, industrial, resort and commercial real estate all recovered quickly,” added Mr. Thanh.

From an investment perspective, the expert assessed that in the past period, Vietnam disbursed public investment slowly. Recently, the Prime Minister has given clear instructions on disbursement of public investment and clear planning on infrastructure. The plans will gradually become reality, including Long Thanh airport, complete infrastructure leading to economic development.

Previously, the legal issues, land, real estate business law can be confused, but now there are improvements for the project to deploy faster. “We expect to have rebounds in the future,” the expert shared.



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