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The trend of staying at home is increasingly popular


According to experts, Covid-19 changes people’s need to enjoy life, promoting the trend of Staycation (resorting in the place where you live).

Last June, Thuy Vy and her husband decided to buy a large area of ​​land in Cu Chi, invest in building a homestay for the purpose of weekend relaxation. But inadequacy and fatigue also start from this house.

Every month, Ms. Vy spends a large amount of money to hire someone to take care of the landscape and garden. The team of local workers is not very skilled, causing the bonsai to die and the swimming pool to be infected with algae. The security of the area is also not guaranteed, causing the house to often be stolen.

Two weekends back, sometimes she and her husband want to enjoy spa services, massage therapy to relax, but there are no surrounding areas. The services and entertainment here are simple, not high quality. This fact makes them start to get tired, feel that the suburban resort house is no longer what they expected.

During the long-distance epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City, Vy’s family of 4 stayed in a townhouse in District 1. The tight control of movement on the road made it difficult for her family to return to Cu Chi. The epidemic is stressful, she said, staying at the center will make it easier to access medical services and support if unexpected problems occur. At this time, she wished for an apartment where she could relax at home.

Projects that meet the needs of home resorts are increasingly popular.

Many people are in a similar situation to Vy, especially when the Covid-19 outbreak in the past two years has changed people’s travel and resort habits. In the context of the isolation due to the epidemic, instead of traditional tourism or looking for suburban homestays, many wealthy families or successful people want to find a luxury resort living space that is just enough. convenience, but still ensure privacy. The trend of Staycation (resort at the place where you live) appears and is increasingly popular.

Meeting the needs of customers, many real estate investors are increasingly focusing on living space and utilities, serving the needs of residents’ stay at home. Typically, the investor Gamuda Land with the Celadon City project. In particular, Diamond Centery – the most advanced subdivision located at the center of Celadon City ecological urban area is interested by many customers.

With a scale of 5.21ha, construction density of more than 39%, Diamond Centery consists of 6 towers, providing the market with 746 apartments ranging from standard apartments, duplexes to penthouses. The project gathers famous international names in architectural design and construction such as Zone Architect (Malaysia – architectural design); Vertical Studio (Taiwan – interior design); One Landscape Art Urbanism (Hong Kong China – landscape design consultancy); Hoa Binh, Ricons (construction unit).

With a system of unique and high-class facilities such as a coastal resort, Diamond Centery residents can exercise at the modern water sports area, enjoy drinks at Chillout Lounge, watch the sunset, and relax by the sand lake. sea ​​and water bed massage. Children can watch outdoor movies or green parks in the area.

Outdoor movie space at Diamond Centery subdivision.

Outdoor movie space at Diamond Centery subdivision.

The architecture of each Diamond Centery resort apartment applies a smart design language from a sustainable green philosophy, optimizing open spaces with a large balcony area, a spacious view towards the green park system. cool or lake area.

According to the investor, each small corner is meticulously cared for by talented architects to help optimize natural light, create air circulation, regulate living space, and reduce energy consumption. Natural interior materials combined with earthy wood tones bring a sense of security, warmth but still luxury.

Diamond Centery apartment is designed as a home gym.

Diamond Centery apartment is designed as a home gym.

Experts say that, even if Covid-19 is controlled or pushed back, the trend of choosing staycation in high-end real estate projects is in harmony with nature, emphasizing the element of experience, enjoying life. life will still grow. As the urban land fund in Ho Chi Minh City is gradually depleted, supply is increasingly scarce, and air pollution is increasing, this trend will become more and more popular, especially projects like Diamond Centery.

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