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The reason why selling real estate online is picky


Ho Chi Minh CityHouses and land cannot be moved by themselves, buyers must come to see the actual location, land boundaries, infrastructure…, points that online transactions cannot meet.

The fourth epidemic along with the recent blockade measure is causing the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City to move aggressively towards the trend of online real estate sales, but this channel is very picky about buyers. According to experts, selling real estate online is only a temporary support tool during the season of isolation and blockade, but cannot play a decisive role in closing successful transactions. There are at least 3 factors leading to an online real estate transaction not achieving the expected effect.

Can’t meet the demand of ‘come to the place, see it in person’

Exchange with VnExpressDoan Quoc Duyet, Director of Tin Thanh Company, said that because the property of house and land is always fixed and lying motionless, people must be the subject to move to a specific location and area to verify the information. believe. Most Vietnamese have the mentality to come to see the actual house, the ground to check the boundary, road, traffic connection … is true as the offer or not.

Buyers also need to go to the field to locate the direction (feng shui), connect traffic infrastructure (bridges, roads), social infrastructure (schools, hospitals, markets, entertainment facilities… ) and the surrounding environment and neighbors. According to Mr. Duyet, this is one of the points that makes online real estate sales channels inferior to direct sales because this step cannot be shortened.

Thu Duc city real estate market. Photo: Quynh Tran

Online transaction habits are not synchronized

Nguyen Huong, General Director of Dai Phuc Land, said that although many real estate businesses have invested in online sales channels to support customers during the epidemic season, people’s limited online transaction habits are a barrier. huge barrier. Both the sales process and the information support have been designed online, but even a single step of delay or interruption can cause a transaction to slow down.

For example, from the stage of the investor introducing the project to the customer for deposit, product selection, and purchase and sale confirmation is completed, but the payment step to sign the purchase and sale contract requires a larger amount, while the customer needs a larger amount of money. Customers only have this amount in their savings books, so they can’t pay online. This situation forces the buyer to still find a way to move to the bank in the middle of the blockade during the fourth epidemic, to withdraw money from the passbook, and then transfer it to the investor to complete the payment.

Or online transactions but still have to be notarized in person, forcing the seller and the buyer to arrange a time to go to the notary office. This leads the parties to have to wait for the epidemic to be under control and the blockade to be lifted before notarization can be carried out. That is not to mention the legal inspection and online planning information is still not synchronized, some provinces have applied, some localities have not updated this function.

Huong analyzed, the examples show that online real estate transactions can only be highly effective when all steps in the real estate buying and selling process can be done online and online transactions are habitual. of both the seller and the buyer must be synchronized.

Selling real estate online only achieves the media effect

Mr. Tran Hieu, Deputy General Director of Marketing and Sales Division of DKRA Vietnam, admitted that current online real estate sales programs are often only effective in terms of information, attracting the attention of potential customers. It is not easy to close the transaction.

According to Mr. Hieu, the effectiveness of online real estate sales is usually quite low, averaging only 20% compared to conventional sales, if the best performance is only half of that of direct sales (offline).

The director of Tin Thanh Company said that during the fourth outbreak, successful online real estate transactions were unique. Usually falls into the case where the buyer has a real need, has gone to see and survey many times, grasp the details of the property. It is even more likely that online buyers have already prepared for the appraisal stage, have selected a few suitable properties for comparison, only when the negotiation reaches the expected price can they trade online. right.

According to Mr. Duyet, about 80% of people accessing online real estate sales channels only see this as an initial reference step to receive basic information. Most real estate investors choose to wait until the epidemic is over to visit the land, visit the house or visit the field project before making a decision to pay down the money to buy the property.

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