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The reason why Ha Long real estate is attractive to the elite


Quang NinhHa Long in recent years has become a settlement destination for the rich because of the appearance of home resort-style projects, possessing a prime location.

In a magazine article Forbes, Angelo Robles, founder and CEO of Family Office Association, author of Effective Family Officer once asserted, the super-wealthy are very concerned about experience, with the desire to go beyond usual framework.

In the context of a prolonged epidemic, the social distancing plan is constantly being applied, instead of looking for entertainment and entertainment experiences outside, many people tend to return home to rest and relax. ensure health safety against the risks of disease. The need for a place to live at this time needs to ensure factors such as not being too far from the center, having a full system of high-class facilities, being close to nature, giving a feeling of relaxation right at the home.

Ha Long Bay seen from above. Photo: Gia Bao Group

Ha Long is a destination that can satisfy the strict requirements of the elite. The heritage land with beautiful natural landscape brings a fresh and cool living space, somewhat reducing the mystery of the city.

In terms of development level, in 2020, the city’s gross product per capita is estimated at nearly 10,000 USD. Quang Ninh has been leading 63 provinces and cities for four consecutive years in terms of provincial competitiveness according to the PCI 2020 report. Living standards in Ha Long are constantly being improved.

Many high-end projects appear on the market, meeting the needs of living space to enjoy, in accordance with the criteria of the upper class. This place becomes an “all in one” destination, blending nature, traditional beauty and modern entertainment facilities.

Criteria for choosing a second home of the elite

In the face of prolonged epidemic effects, increased demand for physical and mental health care, elites tend to choose second homes in projects with prime location factors and close-to-nature landscapes. , possessing the right resort facilities.

For many years, Ha Long real estate has had the presence of large investors, especially in projects that have a sea front location. Meanwhile, products located close to the sea and on the bay are also considered to have the potential to increase in price over time, because of the rare advantage of location and expensive bay view.

The elite consider “time is gold”, so they prioritize destinations close enough to facilitate travel. Located not too far from Hanoi, thanks to the constantly upgraded infrastructure with full road, sea, railway, river and air traffic (seaplane)…, moving between Ha Long and Hanoi capital as well as neighboring provinces are increasingly shortened. Convenient traffic connectivity is a plus point for Ha Long to become an ideal and long-term residence and resort destination.

The project is resort-style living.  Image source: Flickr.

The project is resort-style living. Photo: Flickr.

In the context that the living environment in big cities is becoming increasingly polluted, the elite are looking for a healthy and fresh living environment. Projects with resort living style are increasingly popular.

In order to satisfy the criteria of second-home ownership of the upper class, a new resort-style project called Horizon Bay Ha Long is about to be launched in the near future.

The design at the project is modernly planned to help optimize the view towards the natural wonder bay. Space creates buffers for trees, featuring the sea, multi-layered flora or close to the oasis. Green ensures that nature is in harmony with life.

The modern facilities at the second home also help upper-class residents enjoy a comfortable life like at resorts, and at the same time, it is an advantage to exploit business besides the need to stay..

The resort project is expected to fully meet the criteria that customers want when looking for a long-term residence or owning a second home for a weekend in Ha Long, promising to warm up. market in the last months of the year”, emphasized the representative of Horizon Bay Ha Long project development unit.

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