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The prospect of price increase of Hai Tien real estate


Thanh HoaThe leverage of planning to become a new tourist center and the arrival of large real estate enterprises have helped Hai Tien attract the attention of many investors.

“The last quarter of the third quarter marked a difficult period for the country’s real estate market, but somewhere bright spots still flared up, in which Thanh Hoa was the brightest,” said Nguyen Van Dinh, Chairman of the Environment Association. Vietnam real estate world (VARS) assessment. The market recorded 18 projects with more than 2,000 products of all types, with a positive absorption rate. Some projects of Flamingo, Sun Group.. even reached the rate of over 90%.

Along with the “tourist capital” Sam Son, the new tourist destination of Thanh Hoa province, Hai Tien, is also the “promised land” of many real estate investors.

New tourist center of Thanh land

On the tourist map of Thanh Hoa, Hai Tien is a popular tourist destination for many tourists. This place is likened to “Tra Co of the North”, with a coastline of 12km, still preserving the wild beauty of nature and many places of historical and cultural value. However, many tourists believe that the travel experiences in Hai Tien are still simple, only stopping at sightseeing, swimming, and lacking entertainment services, especially at night.

Unspoiled beauty in the coastal city of Hai Tien

In order to awaken the local potential, in December 2020, Hai Tien urban area was planned by Thanh Hoa People’s Committee to become one of the province’s key tourist destinations, with various types of resort and entertainment tourism; at the same time is a center of services – commerce, fishing, farming, processing aquatic products and fisheries and logistics services associated with handicrafts and craft villages. This coastal urban form is developed according to the sustainable ecotourism model.

In which, 4 functional subdivisions of Hai Tien urban area include: Zone A – entertainment service area, high-class mountainside resort, community tourism and Hoang Truong general port; zone B – coastal resort tourism service center; zone C – urban center residential area and zone D – Nam Hai Tien resort urban complex.

With the ambition to turn this place into a key tourist town of Thanh, many big investors have responded to the invitation of the local government. Notably, there is the presence of Flamingo Holding Group, a real estate, resort and tourism developer who has been successful in completely changing the face of Dai Lai (Flamingo Dai Lai, Vinh Phuc) and Cat Ba (Flamingo). Cat Ba, Hai Phong).

In October, Flamingo announced to the market the Flamingo Hai Tien entertainment and party complex. The project has three sea fronts, possessing the most beautiful position of Hai Tien beach. Developed in the model of a miniature Las Vegas and Macau, the project, when completed, will provide more than 100 multi-themed culinary restaurants, more than 200 shopping stores, and a combination of more than 40 bars – beer clubs. forming a party space with a large sea sports paradise of Thanh Hoa.

Perspective of Flamingo's Universal theme park with a scale of more than 1,300 hectares in Hai Tien.

Perspective of Flamingo’s digital safari park in Hai Tien.

In addition to the party paradise Flamingo Hai Tien, Flamingo Group also announced information about a resort complex in the model of a Universal theme park with a scale of more than 1,300 hectares. According to Flamingo’s idea, the grand project is developed according to the model of a tourist city, with theme resorts, theme parks, overnight entertainment centers, cultural and technology performance centers. lighting, digital safari park…

According to many investors, the appearance of big investors like Flamingo promises strong development potential of Thanh Hoa resort real estate in general and Hai Tien in particular in the coming time.

Opportunity to increase the value of real estate

Observers said that Hai Tien real estate has many prospects for price increases, similar to the scenario that happened to the Sam Son market many years ago.

Vo Hong Hai, deputy director of a real estate business in Thanh Hoa, said that at that time, the price of residential land on Nguyen Du street of Sam Son beach was about 10-13 million VND per square meter. In 2017, when the Sam Son FLC complex was completed, the price of Nguyen Du axis land was about 20-25 million VND per m2 and reached approximately 30 million VND in 2018. Up to now, after 3 land prices this road has tripled, nearly touching 100 million VND per square meter, depending on the location.

Similarly, Ho Xuan Huong street has a place of reaching 300 million VND per square meter, as expensive as the most beautiful coastal roads in Vietnam such as Tran Phu (Nha Trang), Vo Nguyen Giap (Da Nang).

In the context of real estate prices in Sam Son market skyrocketing, many investors look to markets that are considered “low-lying” in terms of price such as Hai Tien. Survey of VnExpressIt also shows that many large plots of land along Hai Tien coast are being sold at the price of about 30-40 million VND per square meter, depending on the location. Even many auctioned land plots are offered for sale at about 13 million VND per square meter. Some beautiful residential land plots close to the sea have a market transaction rate of about 4 million VND per square meter.

Project perspective of Flamingo Hai Tien

Project perspective of Flamingo Hai Tien

Mr. Hoang Duc Anh (40 years old, Hanoi), who has just bought two plots of land on Hai Tien coastal road, said: “Compared to the relatively high price in Sam Son market, the land price in Hai Tien is in line with the high price level. existing budget and I believe real estate in this area will soon increase.”

Agreeing with the investor’s point of view, Dr. Tran Nguyen Minh Hai – real estate expert, Banking University of Ho Chi Minh City, said that the levers that Hai Tien are quite similar to Sam Son, when planned to become a center. a tourist center and a stopover for real estate giants. With these conditions, Sam Son’s history of increasing land prices in the past few years promises to reappear in this land.

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