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The only day when eBox offers special offers for real estate topics


From 12 am on 12/8 to 12 pm on 13/8, the real estate investment topic organized by VnExpress offers a discount of 299,000 VND.

Since the announcement of registration opening, hundreds of investors who are interested in the real estate market have registered for the Week of Events “Real Estate Investment from Zero to Yes”. Before moving to the stage of selling tickets, which usually cost VND 399,000, the Organizing Committee spends a day with VND 299,000.

Participating in the event, investors can participate in 3 days of broadcasting videos with 10 useful topics and 1 day of Live Q&A videos with speakers. The organizers and speakers select the necessary topics for any investor when participating in the market.

Typically, 6 speakers will share about the good time to put down money, how to use financial leverage, how to take profits or create passive income from real estate.

Those who are interested in a specific area or project can learn from experience in identifying a virtual fever, analyzing the price dynamics of an area, the legal screening basis of the project.

The only day eBox offers special offers for real estate topics - 1

Sharing at the eBox are famous speakers in the field such as Shark Pham Thanh Hung, Mr. Pham Duc Toan, lawyer Luong Ngoc Dinh….

The shared content has been carefully selected by the Organizing Committee to bring the most concise and useful articles to investors. For the first time in the real estate market, investors can receive all necessary information in just one topic shared in the form of eConference.

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