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The luxury resort segment in Quy Nhon has great potential for development


Quy Nhon has the advantage of unique nature and synchronous transport infrastructure, converging many favorable factors for the development of luxury resort tourism.

Nature’s favor

Located in the middle of Central Vietnam, Quy Nhon is favored by nature with diverse landscapes from primeval forests, rivers, lakes, lagoons to islands and peninsulas… It owns a series of beautiful beaches like Hon. Dry, Ky Co, Hoang Hau beach, Xep beach, Quy Nhon beach, Phuong Mai peninsula… There are also many attractive tourist attractions such as Thi Nai lagoon, Nui Mot lake, Ham Ho tourist area. , Cu Mong Pass primeval forest, Quang Trung museum, Kinh Thien radio, Twin towers…

A green corner of the sky, sea surface, mountains and forests in Quy Nhon. Photo: BCG Land

The city has a mountainous terrain with its back facing the sea. The curved coastline stretches to 72 km with fine sand, smooth waves, and blue sea water. With fresh air, hot and humid climate all year round and two distinct seasons, Quy Nhon is gradually becoming an ideal place to rest and relax.

This place also contains many vestiges of the ancient Champa culture that existed for centuries with unique temples and towers, preserving unique religious and belief values. The local culture is full of identity with the art of singing boi, the traditional martial arts of Binh Dinh… creating interesting features of this city.

Quy Nhon’s attractiveness has been proven through a series of awards and international recognition. In the past year, the travel magazine Rough Guides (UK) voted Quy Nhon in the top 3 leading destinations in Southeast Asia and become the focus of green resort tourism in the future. This coastal city is also named in the list of 20 best tourist destinations in 2020 by Hostelworld ratings. This is also one of three tourist cities in Vietnam to receive the “ASEAN Clean Tourism Cities 2020” award at the Southeast Asia Tourism Forum – ATF 2020.

Synchronously connected transport infrastructure

As one of the five core cities and provinces in the central key economic region, Quy Nhon is currently focusing on strongly developing transport infrastructure, attracting tourism and investment, to soon become the focus of the economy and tourism. calendar, real estate.

Accordingly, many road traffic projects in the area have been implemented. Last year, the new National Highway 19 from Quy Nhon port to the National Highway 1 intersection and the western route connecting the National Highway 19C intersection to Quy Nhon city was completed and put into use.

Actual picture of Casa Marina Resort.  Photo: BCG Land

Actual picture of Casa Marina Resort. Photo: BCG Land

At the same time, Highway 19B connecting Phu Cat airport and Nhon Hoi economic zone has also opened to traffic. The completion of this important route pulls close to three major focal points: Phu Cat Airport – Nhon Hoi Economic Zone and Quy Nhon City. Previously, the upgraded Phu Cat airport also partly “upgraded” the traffic infrastructure of Quy Nhon. Terminal T1 was newly built and put into operation in May 2018 with an area three times larger than the old terminal, increasing the number of flights to Binh Dinh to an average of dozens of flights a day.

In addition, the locality focuses on making master planning, regional planning, urban embellishment, ecological environment development… with a long-term vision and orientation for sustainable development. The local government also creates favorable conditions for an open, transparent environment and an open policy for domestic and foreign investors to participate in the Quy Nhon real estate market.

In the coming time, departments and agencies will continue to develop Quy Nhon city into a different coastal city, close to nature, promote nightlife activities, form resort complexes. luxury care.

Embrace the trend of the elite

According to experts, the upper class often chooses resorts located on beautiful coastlines and convenient transportation in tourist cities for investment. With a unique tropical landscape, long coastline, preserved local identity, and synchronous connection infrastructure, Quy Nhon is considered to possess a lot of potential to develop the luxury resort segment. .

Isolated resort is becoming a trend of the upper class.  Photo: BCG Land

Isolated resort is becoming a trend of the upper class. Photo: BCG Land

In the context of the epidemic, the elite will be ready for luxury vacations with strict standards, or owning luxury resort villas in limited quantities for peace of mind and health protection. , spiritual recovery and personal experiences. When entering the “new normal”, the upper-class owners will be the pioneers to create a green lifestyle with the trend of isolated resort. As for owning a beach resort villa, owners will enjoy a private space at all times, especially during the peak tourist season.

Quickly grasping this trend, leading real estate developer BCG Land has created a complex of Casa Marina Premium resort villas with a prime location with a mountain back, facing the sea right on National Highway 1D, Quarter 1, Ghenh Rang Ward, Quy Nhon City. The project both takes advantage of the unique advantages available to Quy Nhon and fully meets the requirements of scale, architecture, and high-class amenities of the upper class.

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