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The feng shui location of the Charm Resort Long Hai project


The location adjacent to the sea and mountains, convenient transportation and inter-regional connectivity are factors that bring to the investment potential of Charm Resort Long Hai.

Charm Resort Long Hai is located at the junction of Vo Thi Sau – Le Trong Tan, the arterial road of Long Hai, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province, about 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City. Thanks to the traffic infrastructure developed synchronously with National Highway 51 which was expanded to a scale of 6 lanes, it takes just over an hour from Ho Chi Minh City to get here, traveling from Binh Duong to Dong Nai is also convenient even though traveling. by private or public means.

The prime location of Charm Resort Long Hai.

Thanks to the above convenient location, Charm Resort Long Hai is chosen by many people as a place to rest and mingle with nature on weekends and Tet holidays. The project is also highly appreciated by investors for its potential profit in the future.

Charm Resort Long Hai owns a coastline of more than 300m, no erosion. One side of the project is adjacent to Street 14 leading to the sea square – where a series of high-class utilities are being planned by Long Hai town.

Charm Resort Long Hai with a coastline of 300 m.

Charm Resort Long Hai with a coastline of 300 m.

According to the 1/2000 scale zoning plan for Long Hai area, Charm Resort Long Hai will be the nearest project connected to the southern festival square of Dinh Co. As a result, it is very convenient to participate in fun and entertainment activities, to mingle to discover the local culture.

The project owns the advantage of feng shui when the terrain is “like the mountain facing the water” with one side leaning on Minh Dam mountain, the other facing the East Sea. A feng shui expert said that when there is big water in front, it means a lot of water, easy to generate fortune; behind the mountain to create stability. On the right of Charm Resort Long Hai with “huu white tiger” is Co Son 2 hill, Dinh Co area, on the left is “left dragon fruit” Mui Ky Van, Mo Co area, Nuoc Ngot pass. Adding to the charm of Long Hai Charm Resort is the harmonious water position, enveloping the whole strip of land to create condensate in front of the house, bringing freshness and helping fortune to multiply, fame and prosperity.

The project owns a self-painted location with a water view.

The project owns the position of “self-painting water direction”.

Ms. Lieu Thi Phuong – General Director of Charm Group said: “When building Charm Resort Long Hai, we not only see the feng shui location, natural beauty, development ability, but above all, the beauty of Long Hai’s cultural, spiritual and spiritual values, when combined with a 5-star utility ecosystem, will turn this place into a worthy resort.”

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