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The attraction of the home resort product line


In addition to a living space in harmony with nature and high-class facilities, the Resort Living product line will attract investors as both a resort and a business.

Along with economic development, big cities are gradually becoming crowded, therefore, instead of choosing houses in the city center, many people prioritize settling in the green living space nearby. water surface by fresh air, close to nature.

A new study conducted at the University of Exeter surveying 26,000 Britons found that living close to the coast offers long-term benefits for better health and well-being. Dr. Wallace J. Nichols – Senior Research Fellow, California Academy of Sciences also confirmed, living near water helps reduce stress and anxiety, increase feelings of happiness and well-being, heart rate and breathing rate better. , ensure better training safety.

Living space near the sea at Des Pêcheurs Resort, France. Photo: Hôtel & Spa des Pêcheurs, France

Today, in areas with the advantage of nature, real estate developers are bringing modern fully-furnished living spaces to owners.

In particular, in the context of Covid-19, the house is now not only a gathering place for family members, but also a place of work, entertainment, relaxation… during the time of social distancing. festival. According to experts, homebuyers are increasingly realizing the importance of owning a green living space with full utilities that will bring a more relaxed and happy life to their families and themselves. It is also the driving force that makes the “Resort Living” lifestyle (also known as the home resort lifestyle) become popular in many countries around the world.

A resort built in Resort Living style.

A resort built in Resort Living style. Photo: The Shilla Jeju, South Korea.

Known as a product that follows the green living trend, Resort Living helps homeowners enjoy a living space filled with ecological green of trees and water surface equivalent to resorts. The blue color filled with every angle also brings moments of peace and relaxation in all senses – which are common emotions in short vacation trips.

In addition to possessing a prime location that is easy to connect to the central area, projects pursuing Resort Living style are located in cities with beautiful landscapes, especially cities with long pristine coastlines. . Bearing the impression of resorts, projects are often designed in a modern architectural style but still in harmony with the natural landscape.

In Vietnam, although it has only appeared in recent years, many experts say that Resort Living has quickly won the hearts of many customers because of its green living space with modern design, creating a feeling of being close to nature. while still fully meeting self-contained utilities.

Investors said that, in addition to providing a high-class living space, Resort Living products are also popular because of their “all-in-one” advantage when they can both be a place to live and relax. You can invest, do business, and rent out profitably. Most of the projects pursuing the Resort Living style are located in coastal cities or places with beautiful landscapes, attracting tourists to rest and experience. Therefore, the business operation is also effective and brings good profitability.

Resort Living has become a trend pursued by many “big men”. In the near future in Ha Long, a large investor will deploy a project with a scale of 10 hectares, which is like a green oasis bringing a fresh breath of harmony between the taste of the bay and the green space of the landscape ecosystem. interspersed between zones.

Investors said that the project is located along the coast of Ha Long with a direct view of the wonder bay. With this prime location, the project is close enough to connect with modern and convenient values, and far enough for customers to enjoy private relaxing moments with their families.

The investor said that the project was born not only to meet the increasing needs of Ha Long people to live as a resort, but also to anticipate the increasingly popular trend of second home ownership. Experts say that in the last months of the year, this project promises to become the focus of the market, stimulating Ha Long real estate demand with a limited series of products with Resort Living style.

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