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The attraction of Tan Hoang Minh’s first project in Ha Tinh


61 shophouses in project D’. Metropole Ha Tinh owns 2-3 facades, suitable for living, renting or doing business.

A representative of Tan Hoang Minh Group said that right after the launch, project D’. Metropole Ha Tinh – the first product of an enterprise in the North Central region, quickly attracted investors because of its advantages in location, limited design, and profit potential.

Experts say that, with shophouse, the location of the project is the core factor that determines the success of the investment. Because housing products attached to land have great value, so whether buying for the purpose of living or investing (short or long-term), the house’s convenient location, product quality, as well as quality. The living environment at the project are factors that attract buyers.

For the type of townhouse product, the ability to rent for business comes with a profitable factor that plays an important role for investors. Projects that focus on developing townhouses should be located in existing residential locations, with a high population size in and around the project.

D’. Metropole Ha Tinh – the first product of Tan Hoang Minh Group in the North Central region.

Therefore, with the advantage of a prime location and convenient trade with 4 sides adjacent to big streets such as Nguyen Huy Tu, Nguyen Huy Oanh, Bui Duong Lich, Phan Kinh, D’. Metropole has become a prominent project in Ha Tinh city. From here, customers can easily connect to nearby places such as Ha Tinh General Hospital, Tran Phu Park, Ha Tinh City Public Security, Provincial People’s Committee, school system… and other areas. other areas through the backbone of the adjacent city.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Linh (in Ha Tinh city) decided to buy a shophouse in the project because he appreciated this potential location. The project is located in the North – the cultural and administrative center of Ha Tinh, with many offices and real estate projects around. In the future, this area will have a relatively high population density with a good average income or higher.

“This is the number of potential customers for the business I am planning to exploit. I believe shophouse D’. Metropole Ha Tinh will bring profits as expected”, Mr. Linh said.

Shophouse D'.  Metropole Ha Tinh owns 2-3 facades.

Shophouse D’. Metropole Ha Tinh owns 2-3 facades.

D’. Metropole Ha Tinh includes 61 “limited edition” shophouses and an 11-storey luxury apartment complex on an area of ​​​​over 24,000m2. According to the investor, all shophouses own 2-3 facades; The flexible 4-storey design can be used for many purposes such as doing business on the 1st and 2nd floors and living on the 3rd and 4th floors while still ensuring separate spaces. Shophouses are applied Chateau architecture with 40cm thick walls, helping to regulate the temperature, save energy up to 30%, suitable for the harsh weather conditions in Ha Tinh.

3.5 meters of sidewalk and 2.5 meters of yard in front of each shophouse also contribute to creating a large space, suitable for many types of businesses. An underground parking floor will be built exclusively for shophouse owners, helping to maximize business space.

In addition, the 11-storey luxury apartment building with 140 apartments also contributes to promoting business for shophouse investors when the first floor of the tower is built with commercial service functions. Combined with the shophouse system, this place will become a diverse and busy business area attracting a large number of potential customers from outside and residents right at the project. Legality of D’. Metropole Ha Tinh will be guaranteed when all shophouses are issued with red books.

“The profit from renting shophouse can fluctuate from 8-12% per year. Therefore, shophouse is one of the products that attract many investors, so it has high liquidity. Possessing outstanding advantages. In terms of location, quality, design, function and legality, shophouse D’. Metropole Ha Tinh will become a bright spot for investment.”

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