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The attraction of settlement and investment at the Feliz Homes project


In the context of general difficulties of the real estate market due to the impact of the epidemic, the number of apartment transactions at the Feliz Homes project still increased.

The Covid-19 epidemic not only changed the balance of supply and demand in the real estate market but also affected the tendency of residents to choose houses. According to a survey by VHome in the past two months, 47.3% of readers are interested in multi-utility projects, in which the top priority is green factor and living space with lots of natural light.

Similarly, the survey of Real estate About the needs of homebuyers also shows that 95% of customers participating in the survey are particularly interested in health issues, attaching importance to a green, fresh living environment and diverse and self-contained utilities.
That is also the reason why the “green” project Feliz Homes attracts the attention of many customers in the Hanoi market.

Perspective of Feliz Homes in Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.

The project is located in Den Lu urban area, Hoang Van Thu ward, Hoang Mai district, about 4.5km from Hoan Kiem lake. With the orientation of creating green space in the center of Hanoi, investor Feliz Homes created a “tropical resort”, with nearly 80% of the area for trees, water surface and utilities. Along with the construction density approaching the resort resorts, the investor wishes to bring residents a 365-day home-resort life.

The Feliz Homes project spends 80% for the green space and internal utilities.

The Feliz Homes project spends 80% for the green space and internal utilities.

Alternating between the water surface of the landscape lake system and the thousands m2 wide electrolytic copper swimming pool is a system of colorful gardens with tropical fruit gardens, hydro-polar yoga and meditation gardens, and body-purifying sound ion gardens. , the garden of fairy chess and nourishment… Stretching to the top of the three towers are the royal gardens and the walking trails with the scent of flowers and grass.

Explaining the priority of space for green construction and water surface, KLB investor said that green areas, whether natural or artificial, play an essential role in bringing benefits to people, both physically and mentally. mentally and physically. Green space helps people relieve pressure, regulate the climate, filter air pollution and noise effectively.

Scientists have also found that areas with high humidity and green trees such as forests, mountains, coasts, fields, and parks have high levels of negative ions, which are good for human health. Negative ions have the ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria and diseases, are beneficial to the respiratory system, help the spirit to be excited, and improve sleep quality. According to many studies, negative ions also have a very good effect on improving the heart and blood pressure.

The attraction of Feliz Homes not only comes from the dedication of the KLB investor but also from the expensive location of the project. “Feliz Homes owns a position to catch the wind from all directions, not covered by any high-rise buildings. The apartments are optimally designed, without ‘dead corners’, receiving all the wind and natural light. , bringing nature present in every breath”, a representative of a project distribution unit described.

According to him, the recent period of social distancing has had a strong impact on the psychology of the people of the capital. They realize that open living space, close to nature is very important in balancing work and life, especially when working from home becomes a necessity.

Perspective of balcony at Feliz Homes . project

Perspective of balcony at Feliz Homes . project

Not only owning a green living space like a tropical resort, Feliz Homes also scores with a combination of more than 40 internal utilities, from health care, exercise to entertainment and entertainment for all ages. At Feliz Homes, each resident can find his or her own tailored and designed space where every day is filled with inspiration.

Prominent is the “shopping in resort” street designed around the project, and a shopping center of nearly 20,000 square meters including a system of shophouses, supermarkets and convenience stores around the project, helping to maximize the satisfaction of the project. needs of residents. According to the investor, within a radius of 1.5km, this is the first-class shopping – food – check-in – entertainment center.

Perspective of the water surface of the system of landscape lakes and copper electrolytic pools thousands of m2 wide

Perspective of the water surface of the system of landscape lakes and copper electrolytic pools of thousands of square meters.

Feliz Homes also contributes to bringing a new standard of living for residents with a series of unique facilities: copper electrolytic technology swimming pool, hydro-polar yoga and meditation garden, negative ion detox garden, Fantay park and Fantasy world recreating the old world miracles for kids…

According to many real estate experts and research units, through the Covid-19 waves, the lifestyle of modern urban classes has gradually been reshaped. The psychology of limiting contact makes people choose to stay at home more instead of going out often, weaving on the streets. Therefore, projects with utility advantages are still welcomed by the market despite the high price, and promise the prospect of price increase. Director of CBRE Vietnam’s housing division Vo Huynh Tuan Kiet said that in the primary market, apartment prices have continued to increase during the recent epidemic and will tend to increase further in the near future, due to high spending. investment costs, raw materials, loan interest, financial expenses. Therefore, people with long-term housing or investment needs should buy a house at the present time.

Recently, the series of events “Falling Sunday, come to Feliz Homes” was held at the Feliz Homes Project Sales Office, Den Lu urban area, Hoang Van Thu ward, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi. This series of events is expected to last until December.

Coming to the event every Sunday, customers have the opportunity to own a livable space in the heart of the capital. Customers joining the community here will immediately receive a gold coin and a ticket to the Lucky Draw with valuable gifts: Mercedes-Benz C180 AMG car, Honda SH Mode motorbike, Vinfast Feliz electric car …

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