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Thanh Long Bay welcomes the trend of resort real estate after the epidemic


The prolonged epidemic promotes the demand for a resort, entertainment, and sports space to take care of health in coastal areas.

Since April, Mr. Minh Tam, a senior manager at a multinational technology corporation in Ho Chi Minh City has moved to work from home. In fact, his company has implemented “work from home” many times over the past 2 years because of the epidemic and realized the effectiveness of this online working method.

“I think remote work will continue, even become a trend in the future. I am also planning to find a new living space, 1-2 hours away from Saigon and more spacious. for the whole family”, Mr. Minh Tam said about his intention to find a new place for his family of three generations.

Like Mr. Tam, more and more customers are turning their attention to resort real estate projects in tourist destinations, about 1-2 hours away from economic centers. Forbes estimates that, by 2025, about 70% of the workforce will work remotely at least five days a month.

Thinking that the epidemic is the right time to own a coastal resort, Ms. Ngoc Huyen (Hanoi) explained because of the opportunity to take advantage of the preferential prices and stimulus policies of real estate developers. . Having just booked a beach townhouse at Thanh Long Bay, this customer added that the infrastructure elements in the area create attraction for the project. Accordingly, Dau Giay Phan Thiet expressway is still under construction, expected to be put into operation in 2023, or Long Thanh airport is also expected to put into operation phase 1 in 2025.

“What impresses me with this coastal urban area is the self-inserted brick road system that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly instead of the asphalt road system commonly found in urban areas. other”, Huyen added.

“Despite being affected by the social distancing regulations, Thanh Long Bay’s construction work is still going on. The key items have been completed more than 80%. It is expected that we will welcome guests to visit since at the end of the fourth quarter of this year,” said a representative of Thanh Long Bay.

This project is also applying a preferential payment policy in purchasing services. Customers only need to have about 2 billion VND, equivalent to 25% of the product value, to be able to own a beach townhouse right away, the remaining 75% will be loaned by banks with a preferential interest rate of 0%. , grace period until the house is received. At the same time, the investor also applies a program of 6% profit commitment to bring peace of mind to customers before the fluctuations of the epidemic.

According to experts, the pandemic has caused a big change in the real estate market. In particular, thanks to new trends, resort real estate will become one of the fastest recovering segments.

Construction items are still under construction at Thanh Long Bay. Photo: Thanh Long Bay

According to a survey by a representative of Thanh Long Bay, an urban resort and marine sport project, most customers previously chose to buy a vacation home in this project for the purpose of investment and tourism development… Now, more than 70% of customers say they want to find a living space for their family.

“The pandemic is opening up new directions in the real estate market. In just nearly 2 years, the taste and purpose of buying houses of customers has changed greatly,” said Mr. Luong Si Khoa, Deputy General Director of Business. Nam Group, the developer of Thanh Long Bay, said.

Thanh Long Bay owns a prime location and resort living space.  Photo: Thanh Long Bay

Thanh Long Bay owns a prime location and resort living space. Photo: Thanh Long Bay

According to many experts, the need for a second home that can be a long-term shelter, as well as a resort for health care, mental recovery, and energy regeneration is not only spontaneous during the epidemic. which will become a trend, lasting and sustainable.

Thanh Long Bay has participated in the development of big names in Vietnam and around the world such as: MIA, ASA lighting, TA Landscape, Wyndham, Accord… The project has a unique and suitable architectural design style. suitable for the climate of the South Central Coast.

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