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Thanh Long Bay – a model of marine sports combined with resort


Binh ThuanBinh Thuan will have a new professional marine sport, combining resort and entertainment to create a different product in the real estate market.

In Vietnam, while coastal cities such as Da Nang, Phu Quoc, and Nha Trang have developed in favor of resort tourism, recently, Binh Thuan has tended to develop marine sports. This is a step to take advantage of the warm, dry weather, few storms and windy weather.

In the world, there have been many tourist destinations associated with sports, contributing to the growth of the economy, such as: scuba diving tourism in the Maldives, windsurfing tourism in Bali, and sports tourism. beach in Phuket.

Perspective of Thanh Long Bay project complex.

In recent years, Binh Thuan has become the venue for a number of marine sports activities such as windsurfing. However, the activities are still single and infrequent. With the appearance of Thanh Long Bay Sea Sports and Resort Urban Complex, in the near future, Binh Thuan’s marine sports may have the opportunity to turn to a new page.

Located in the frontage of the national sea route, Thanh Long Bay has a total area of ​​90 hectares, including 12 main subdivisions that are synchronously planned, embracing 1.7 km of separate coastline in Hon Lan Bay. Thanh Long Bay owns a large-scale marine sports center with international standards, meeting the needs of water sports and entertainment, serving customers of various ages and nationalities… including some subjects such as: paragliding, scuba diving, marine motorcycling, kayaking, boat racing, skydiving, jet surfing, windsurfing…

Thanh Long Bay is expected to become a “sea sports arena” with a series of international tournaments to be held here, bringing together athletes from all over the world to compete. That means, instead of watching through foreign sports TV channels, Vietnamese people can go to the place to watch world-class competitions.


The investor expects Thanh Long Bay to be the venue for many international marine sports events.

H2O Group from Hawaii (USA) – a supplier and operator of famous water sports in the US will cooperate with Thanh Long Bay in the strategy of developing a marine sports center according to international standards. “This shows a serious level of investment as well as promises that the diversity and richness of sports will be applied,” the investor said.

According to H2O experts, Thanh Long Bay has many similarities with Hawaii many years ago. “This is the right place to create a large-scale marine sports center combined with tourism and resort by ensuring the following factors: climate stability; sand and waves suitable for sports. sea; international standard facilities; specialized equipment; a team of professional coaches …”, an expert commented.

Thanh Long Bay gathers a series of 5-star facilities located in the complex such as rental services for hotels, townhouses, apartments, squares, floating stages, shopping centers, campsites with bungalows, beach houses, etc. tents and specialized equipment for sports people. According to the investor, the project will create a harmonious ecosystem of tourism, resort and sports elements to complement each other and bring tourists and sports enthusiasts memorable vacations. .

Currently, Thanh Long Bay is introducing to the market The Song subdivision, in the low-rise building segment of the project. The Song offers the opportunity to own a private garden and swimming pool for the owner. The project also offers a home ownership incentive program when paying 25% of the value of the apartment, equivalent to 1.8 billion until receiving the house after 20 months, and at the same time committed to a profit of 6% per year, applicable to First 30 units.

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