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Tan Hoang Minh invests billions of dollars in tourism complex in Phu Quoc


Tan Hoang Minh’s resort and tourism project is located at Bai Truong, developed under the model of a destination for all needs with many product segments and high-class facilities.

Representative Tan Hoang Minh said “The tourist complex does not sleep” 10km from Phu Quoc airport. The complex has an investment capital of more than 23,000 billion VND, with a scale of 34 hectares, including a 5-star hotel system, 129 shophouses, 76 villas and 15 condotel hotel apartment buildings (7,000-8,000 apartments).

The special landscape utility part of the project area will have a harmonization of the system of rivers dug to get natural sea water and bridges to create internal links. An important highlight that visitors cannot ignore when coming to the project is the Sky Restaurant with an altitude of nearly 70m, where you can easily see the panoramic view of the coastal city.

The complex developed under the model of an open tourist area “one destination for all needs” is an integrated place of relaxation and entertainment operating 24/7. The investor will create not only a pure resort but also bring many top-notch experiences to visitors and become a “night paradise” that never sleeps properly in Vietnam.

When coming here, visitors will be immersed in the vibrant space of parties at Night clubs, outdoor bars, pubs operating all night; Enjoy shopping and entertainment on the Walking Street, bustling colorful night markets.

Explaining more about the investment orientation of coastal resorts, the representative of Tan Hoang Minh said that for many years, the business has positioned its brand in the segment of residential real estate and luxury apartments in the following locations. prime location of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. From 2019 up to now, the group has built many outstanding and distinctive projects. Tan Hoang Minh has a plan to prepare to develop in Hoa Binh province the THM – Villa – Resort on the Mountain project according to the model of a mountain resort combining rivers and lakes, oriented to become a miniature “Swiss Corner” in Ho Chi Minh City. northern mountains.

Combined with mountain resorts, the group continues to position the brand with a world-class beach resort complex deployed in the island city of Phu Quoc. The resort will bring a very different spirit, more bustling with sleepless nights for visitors.

In the world there are “night paradises” that never sleep, which are tourist cities where bustling shopping centers, clubs, bars, all-night parties transparent, creating a non-stop and energetic cycle. For example, in Spain, where there is “party island” Ibiza or bustling beach resort Miami (USA), Clarke Quay (Singapore); LangKawi – Malaysia’s tourist gem…

Perspective The hotel architecture simulating the wave wing is expected to be built by Tan Hoang Minh in Phu Quoc.

According to the initial information of the investor, at the Phu Quoc tourist complex, the architectural blocks will be very special. With a design concept inspired by the ocean waves, each building in the complex such as hotel, villa, shophouse or condotel… is like recreating strong curves but still soft connecting and expressing. harmony between people, architecture and nature.

Shophouse simulates wave shape.

Shophouse simulates wave shape.

In addition, one of the most invested items of the complex is the system of rivers dug for natural, soft sea water circulating throughout the entire area. “We want to recreate a famous Venice of interwoven bridges on winding rivers right in Phu Quoc,” said representative Tan Hoang Minh.

The bridge simulates the wave shape

The bridge simulates the wave shape.

In the days of living here, visitors can leisurely row a boat on the river or enjoy the scenery on the bridges; roaming around, cycling on the shore, participating in games on the water; Or you can relax and enjoy coffee, special dishes at restaurants or shop at shophouses, night markets and watch the coastal city at Sky Restaurant in the sea square area…

According to the representative of Tan Hoang Minh, the American writer Hemingway once described his nights in Madrid that “going to bed at night in Madrid will make people think you’re an eccentric. No one goes to sleep in Madrid until the ball is over. night to surrender”. And this will be reproduced in the “sleeping city” branded Tan Hoang Minh in Phu Quoc.

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