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Tan Hoang Minh brings home resort style to new project


D’. Metropole Ha Tinh offers a Home resort living space with a variety of utility systems and internal landscapes.

In the last 2 years, Mrs. Nguyen Minh An (Ha Tinh) and her children have almost never had a trip. Busy work, the couple’s time for travel and entertainment activities is not much. The complicated epidemic situation also caused family outing plans to be delayed indefinitely.

If in the past, the family used to spend weekends or long holidays to travel and relax at nearby places 1-2 hours drive from Ha Tinh, now, Ms. The commune couldn’t help but worry when seeing the children for a whole month just hanging around the house with electronic devices. The couple is considering moving to a new place with more natural and comfortable green areas. A system of utilities to meet all entertainment, entertainment and exercise needs right on the premises will meet the needs of resort without going far, while meeting the physical and mental health of the whole family. family.

The story of Minh An and her husband is a familiar problem in big cities, when the speed of urbanization increases, leading to a shortage of green space, suffocating and sultry air. The time fund for tourism and resort activities also shrinks when people become busier. In particular, in the past 2 years, the epidemic situation has changed all habits and trends in entertainment. The blockade, distance taking place more and more has made vacations become luxury.

Grasping this need, Tan Hoang Minh Group brings D’. Metropole Ha Tinh is a Home Resort space (resort at home) according to European standards. The project promotes a comfortable lifestyle, entertainment space, health care and improving the spiritual life for residents. All needs for relaxation, exercise, exchange, connection … are met in a green, fresh space at the resort ecosystem “one step”.

Perspective of the utility system at D’. Metropole Ha Tinh harmoniously combines the green areas of nature. Photo: THM

Viewed from above, D’. Metropole Ha Tinh impresses with its green and spacious living space when it owns an area of ​​​​over 2.4 hectares, limited to 61 shophouses and an 11-storey luxury apartment building with 140 apartments. In addition to low construction density, the project also harmoniously combines natural elements and diverse utility systems with fresh landscapes.

Project perspective from above.  Photo: D. Metropole Ha Tinh

Project perspective from above. Photo: THM

Right on the premises, the developer has invested in a yard of nearly 2,000m2 with flower gardens, trees, fountains and modern facilities, entertainment space, community activities.

The shady garden with rows of verdant trees and colorful flowers will be an ideal destination for all residents with moments of conversation and relaxing walks. This place is like a green lung, helping to purify the air, bringing a fresh and cool living environment.

The garden in the project.  Photo: D. Metropole Ha Tinh

The garden in the project. Photo: THM

For residents who love to be active, a diverse system of sports courts meets the needs of playing basketball to meditation, yoga or an outdoor gym with modern machines. Young residents can enjoy playing in the water playground or “Fairy Age Garden” with interesting and healthy games to stimulate creativity and comprehensive movement. Besides, “Way of knowledge” is a space dedicated to reading.

Outdoor event space.  Photo: D. Metropole Ha Tinh

Outdoor event space. Photo: THM

The outdoor event space will be a place for interesting community activities to help connect people and bring interesting experiences. This is a place for family reunions or friends gathering with BBQ parties.

“No need to go far, residents of D’. Metropole Ha Tinh can enjoy a true resort life right at their doorstep. A green living space with Neoclassical architecture in harmony with nature and the system. diverse, modern utility system and rich landscape”, the project representative shared.

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