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Sun Riverside Village – a tropical ‘oasis’ on the Do River


Thanh HoaDeveloped by Sun Property (a member of Sun Group), Sun Riverside Village urban area promises to be a high-class residence – resort located on the Do River, Sam Son.

Riverfront real estate – high standard of living

In the world, the story of San Antonio riverside metropolis – one of Texas’ top destinations, as a result of the famous American riverside urban planning and renovation project is not far away. strange. The San Antonio River Walk gives visitors the feeling of being “back to nature” in the midst of a culturally diverse city, where visitors can leisurely drink German beer, speak English and see the houses. riverside spanish.

Meanwhile, the ecological city of Lyon Confluence in France is also an equally impressive model. This project was completed in 2011 at the confluence of two rivers, forming a “probe” position bordering three rivers. Confluence covers 150 hectares of which 60% is green space and public space. The urban area has been honored with many awards, thanks to the planning that honors the river landscape combined with the use of advanced materials and technologies to create a sustainable ecological space.

Countries around the world have pioneered the creation of prosperous cities on both sides of the river. Photo: Shutterstock

It can be said that, although the concept of a high-class residence changes more or less over the years, riverside real estate is always sought after by connoisseurs of investors. Owning a luxury real estate near the river not only affirms the status and class of the owner but also brings a green, fresh and energetic life.

However, it is not easy to get such a living space in the midst of vibrant cities, but it needs the hands of planning and construction of local authorities and investors with enough heart.

Perspective illustrating living space on the river Do, Sam Son.  Photo: Sun Group

Perspective illustrating living space on the river Do, Sam Son. Photo: Sun Group

In Vietnam, eco-cities along the river are becoming the desire of many people thanks to their aesthetics and value for health. Accordingly, in recent years, well-planned urban areas along the river have appeared in big cities: Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang…. With the rapid development of infrastructure, As people’s incomes are increasing, leading to an increasing demand for a higher quality of life, many next cities are ready to enter this rare and trendy riverside real estate. In which, Thanh Hoa in general and Sam Son in particular is the land mentioned quite a lot in the planning and urban development along the river.

Luxurious oasis by the river Do

Known as a land of great potential for resort tourism, Sam Son with its harmonious river-sea topography has many conditions for the birth of riverside urban areas. Accordingly, in the near future, the project of eco-urban resort along the Do river named Sun Riverside Village with an area of ​​29 hectares will be introduced to the market by Sun Property.

Coordination of photos to illustrate the colorful resort city along the Do River in Sam Son.  Photo: Sun Riverside Village

Collage of illustrations of the resort city with many colors” along the Do River in Sam Son. Sun Riverside Village

“Sun Group pioneered in renovating the Do River to create a high-class living space in the busy tourist center of Thanh Hoa. Not only near the sea, but the project is also adjacent to the river, meeting all 3 criteria. in the set of priority rules ‘first near-sighted, second close-range, three near-road’ when buying real estate”, said a representative of Sun Property.

Located on the Do River, Sun Riverside Village is like a tropical oasis with a liberal Miami style. Unique architecture such as Art Deco, Spanish neo-colonial of the project will bring a new and unique breeze to the Thanh real estate market. Every day at Sun Riverside Village, residents will immerse themselves in a sense of peace and serenity while walking on the riverside walkway, overlooking the marina, having fun with their family by the fountains and stone statues. , artificial beach and most especially experience the chain of 2 Sun World parks imbued with Vietnamese cultural identity invested by Sun Group in the future.

Perspective illustration of Sun Riverside Village resort villa.  Photo: Sun Group

Perspective illustration of Sun Riverside Village resort villa. Photo: Sun Group

Regarding the feng shui factor, the villas at Sun Riverside Village are surrounded by the Do River to embrace the blessings and quintessence of heaven and earth, giving the owner a peaceful, healthy and relaxed life. On the other hand, the location of the project is the intersection of 3 flows: the Do River, the Ma River and the Sam Son Sea, which is also a symbol of convergence, proliferation, and wealth to the owner. .

“With the craftsmanship of the product, the prime location connecting directly through the central boulevard to the high-class projects located in the billion-dollar complex of Sun Group in Sam Son, Sun Riverside Village promises to be the heart of the project. This will also be a desirable choice of residence – resort for the elites of the Northern real estate market by the end of 2021. “A representative of Sun Property expected.

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