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Sun Riverside Village – a colorful resort


According to distributor Nhat Khang Realty, Sun Riverside Village is developed according to the model of an ecological riverside resort urban area with many high-class facilities.

The Do River is a tributary of the Ma River, originating from the ancient river system dug during the reign of King Le Dai Hanh to transport military supplies south of Dai Co Viet. Experiencing the flow of time, a river that seemed to be gradually forgotten is gradually revived and revitalized, thanks to the appearance of real estate, tourism and resort projects.

Pioneering to bring the model of riverside urban development in the world to Sam Son – Thanh Hoa, Sun Group has planned to renovate, embellish and create two banks of the Do River into a resort urban area of ​​Sun Riverside Village. scale up to 29 ha. “It is the first step to develop riverside cities, creating beautiful landscapes to serve people and tourists,” said a representative of Sun Group.

The Sun Riverside Village project seen from the Do River.

Located at the intersection point of three flows “D river surface, Ma river tributary, emptying into Sam Son sea”, convenient move to Sam Son beach with only 20 minutes – Sun Riverside Village brings a prosperous vitality. for the whole urban area. In particular, the travel time from Hanoi to Sun Riverside Village will be shortened to just under 2 hours when coming here, the North – South expressway passing through Thanh Hoa will be completed in 2022.

Sun Riverside Village also holds a central position, the first point contiguous and connecting the remaining subdivisions. The eco-resort urban area is opposite the 2.6km-long central avenue, connecting to Sun Grand Boulevard and Sun World amusement park – two large-scale “pieces” of the Sun Group complex. Thanks to that, the owner of the house can easily enjoy the dual experience of “resort – entertainment” at the same time.

Sun Riverside Village - a colorful resort - 1

Perspective of the main avenue of the Sun Riverside Village project.

Sun Riverside Village eco-resort urban area is inspired and styled from Miami. Each line, from the design of the villa to the concept of utility development, the landscape, all create a vivid and complete picture of “Miami in the heart of Sam Son coastal city”. The most typical architectures of Miami are reproduced at Sun Riverside Village combined with indigenous architectural features to create unique and distinctive buildings. The internal facilities are developed such as shopping streets, schools, riverside promenades, artificial beaches, luxurious marinas, crowded with restaurants, yachts and sightseeing tours. beauty along the river Do.

Sun Riverside Village - a colorful resort - 2

The project has a wide range of facilities.

Characterized by the classic Spanish neo-colonial style, The River and The Harbor subdivisions have added a peaceful and soft look to the Do River amidst a splendid and splendid living space. For homeowners with shopping preferences, the Festival Avenue subdivision will be an alluring world with rows of shophouses with busy art decor. With nearly 800 villas and commercial townhouses, Sun Riverside Village is divided into 3 subdivisions with distinct styles, meeting all the needs of resort – shopping – entertainment for homeowners.

As a strategic distribution partner of real estate products of Sun Group, Nhat Khang Realty is currently the official distributor of products under the Sun Riverside Village project.

“With the goal of helping investors own quality real estate with great profit potential, Nhat Khang has been providing customers with attractive products in the market and professional sales services.” Nhat Khang representative shared.

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