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Shop VinWonders is ready for the trend of travel and shopping after the epidemic


VinWonders shops at Phu Quoc United Center face great opportunities from tourism and shopping after opening the Ngoc island tourism with vaccine passports.

“People are not only shopping in larger quantities, but they are also tending to be higher than in the pre-pandemic era,” Swasti Sarna, Pinterest’s senior manager of social media, commented on consumer behavior. Since the beginning of this year, Pinterest searches for apparel have increased by 29-60 times compared to pre-pandemic.

According to many experts, the over-excited shopping situation in many people is psychological after a period of suppression because of the epidemic, especially in the global retail and travel industry.

The vaccine passport is being seen as an initiative for countries to start opening up to tourism in many countries. In Vietnam, it is expected that from November 20, “vaccine passports” for foreign tourists will begin to be applied in Phu Quoc. The pilot opening of tourism is expected to raise Phu Quoc’s position on the tourist map. Recently, the first island city of Vietnam was also published by the magazine Time voted in the top 100 most wonderful destinations in the world in 2021, including the Phu Quoc United Center super complex.

A push for Phu Quoc tourism

Located in the North Island, a super population of more than 1,000 hectares invested by Vingroup is expected to bring Phu Quoc tourism to the world. thanks to its record scale and many outstanding resort and entertainment categories. This is one of the pioneering professional night economy models in Vietnam, with the core being Grand World with a 24-hour chain of operations.

Grand World area at Phu Quoc United Center has entertainment activities, food, shopping… 24 hours. Photo: Vingroup

Phu Quoc United Center opens up a check-in, shopping and entertainment space with busy, trendy commercial streets and vibrant party spaces. After the pandemic, the series of events – bustling 24/7 with nearly 7,200 great performances, 12,000 minishows promises a unique festive atmosphere all year round.

This complex also owns a series of works with unique architecture and scale such as the largest bamboo project in Vietnam, the elite capital of Vietnam, the Teddy Bear Museum, the Venice canal…

In addition, the hotel brand system Vinpearl, VinOasis, VinHoliday, Boutique hotel… with more than 12,000 rooms and beach villas provide a high-class resort space. The leading theme park VinWonders Phu Quoc, Vinpearl Safari, a golf course on the island located in the middle of a primeval forest, the only casino for Vietnamese people to play in, Vinmec international hospital… completing a chain of utilities to meet all needs. visitor demand.

Advantages from Shop VinWonders

Located in a prime location in Asia’s leading large theme park, VinWonders shops will welcome a large flow of domestic and foreign customers to the North Island to quench their “thirst” for shopping, entertainment, resort in the context of the new normal.

The large source of tourists and tourists willing to spend is expected to bring in billions of dong a day for business shops here, which is a great opportunity for retailers as well as tourism in Phu Quoc. National United Center. Shop VinWonders is also a potential investment option in the resort market.


VinWonders shops have unique and diverse designs. Photo: Vingroup

In addition to the available advantages, VinWonders shop is also managed and operated by Vinpearl, which owns agents, a large source of tourists, and operates 5-star standards. The great potential from Vinpearl with extensive marketing and promotional activities will accompany the owner of VinWonders shop.


Medieval European architecture at VinWonders shop. Photo: Vingroup

Well planned with Medieval European architectural design, the project includes 3 commercial subdivisions: Fairy Town, Greek Town, Palma Town, recreating the beauty of a fairy-tale, colorful kingdom.

Currently, the investor offers many incentives for customers to buy Shop VinWonders Phu Quoc such as: Commitment to support customers to buy the shop for the first 2 years, 5% of the shop value each year (excluding VAT). Customers can access preferential loan policy up to 100%, only need to have collateral.

In addition, the owner of Shop VinWonders Phu Quoc also enjoys special offers such as a voucher to buy a VinFast Lux SA2.0 car worth VND 200 million, a voucher to use services at VinWonders Phu Quoc and Safari Phu Quoc once. /month for 2 people for the first year…

Phong Van

Special preferential policies for products in Phu Quoc United Center, including:
– Customers who buy VinWonders Bai Dai Shop and Boutique Hotel Grand World will receive an interior finishing package of VND 500 million
– Customers who buy Condotel Grand World products will be given 1 amount of gold worth 56 million VND.



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