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Selling luxury real estate to Europe and the Middle East – VnExpress Business


Branded apartment Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi will be offered for sale by Masterise Homes in many countries where the real estate market has developed and is highly competitive.

Guaranteed from top international brands

Recently launched, the Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi luxury apartment complex has attracted the attention and attention of many customers with market observers. Partly because this is a housing project with a golden location on Hang Bai Street, a few steps from Hoan Kiem Lake and the Old Quarter. Partly because of the participation of the Ritz-Carlton brand, a famous hotel brand in the world for the first time in an apartment project in the Vietnamese market..

With, Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Head of Sales, Masterise Homes said the plan to spend 30% of that amount for the international market, equivalent to the maximum limit for foreign customers.

With a guarantee from the Ritz-Cartlton brand, Masterise Homes aspires to become a pioneer in bringing Vietnamese real estate to competitive traditional markets such as Europe and the Middle East, in addition to familiar markets where investment is made. Vietnamese real estate such as China, Singapore, Hong Kong. Although the number of Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi branded apartments is limited to only 104 units, Mr. Gibran Bukhari, Sales Division Manager, Masterise Homes said the plan is to reserve the maximum number for foreign customers, equivalent to 30%.

The attraction of the name Ritz-Cartlton, a brand with a long history and has become the gold standard of the hotel industry, is the basis of confidence for Masterise Homes in its international expansion plan. Ritz-Carlton. Among the fashionistas who own this brand’s branded real estate, there are model Cindy Crawford, player Alexis Sanchez, chairman and CEO Jay Schottenstein, former Miss Germany Petra Levin, billionaire Sidney Kimmel.

In Vietnam, this brand is also proving a strong attraction. Mr. Bukhari shared: “The shopping cart for the opening sale in Vietnam is almost full, confirming that the project is meeting an existing and strong demand of the Vietnamese elite for a high-class housing product. class, with luxurious space and high-class, civilized service right in the heart of the capital.”

In addition to the value of services, utilities and living space, Ritz-Carlton branded real estate also has the same collectible value as other limited edition branded goods. According to the leader of Masterise Homes, this is considered a driving force for the sale of the Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi branded apartment project in the domestic as well as international markets.

Mr. Bukhari shared that with luxury real estate projects, Masterise Homes attaches special importance to preserving the cultural and historical value of Vietnam because of the international commercial potential of the product. “The world’s leading real estate market is a potential game with sustainable values ​​for all parties involved, both investors and owners. Not only strengthening the heritage of brands but also harmonizing them. blend into the culture and quintessence of the luxury real estate development area,” said Mr. Gibran Bukhari.

The taste of the rich changes

From a market perspective, Ms. Duong Thuy Dung, Senior Director of CBRE Vietnam, said that the real estate market in Vietnam is witnessing a sharp shift in demand to high-end real estate. In the past five years, the “taste” of high-income homeownership has changed. They have the need to enjoy, bring high-class resorts to their home. During the day, they are busy, at night they can rest, enjoy to regenerate energy in houses with many international 5-star services such as home shopping, home spa or pet care…

The outbreak of the disease has made this need even more urgent. Real estates that meet the criteria of safety, green, clean, utility… according to experts, will be a guarantee to attract high-income people who want to enjoy a safe, high-class life without interruption.

Also thanks to the world’s leading brands, luxury real estate brings the standard of resort living, home travel as luxury travel, thanks to services and entertainment activities of international standards. out at home, every day. “With such high-class service, luxury real estate will attract a lot of attention from the rich and super-rich,” said Ms. Dung.

Located on the famous Hang Bai street of 36 streets of Hanoi, the Ritz-Carlton, Hanoi luxury apartment complex preserves many traditional features in a world-class project. The design of the project is inspired by the French architectural style of the old town with traditional handcrafted details. Reflecting in the interior space are details bearing typical images of Hanoi such as people casting fishing nets on the river, or colorful street vendors…

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