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Self-driving car technology will soon appear in Vietnam


The technology helps the car to stay on the highway, automatically maintaining a safe distance, adjusting the speed and stopping if necessary.

Share with VnExpressYutaka Sanada, Senior Vice President of Nissan Asia and Oceania, said that in the future, the potential of self-driving cars is huge in many markets, including Vietnam.

Self-driving car technologies have been studied by Nissan for many years, but Mr. Yutaka Sanada said the launch of these models requires a long process with careful planning, tailored to the needs of each market. school.

Japan is testing the world’s first self-driving car.

Currently, many automatic technologies have been introduced into current Nissan models such as AVM (Around View Monitor), Lane Departure Warning and parking assist technology (AVM). Parking assist).

“We are developing self-driving cars by improving these technologies,” said Yutaka Sanada.

In its global strategy, Nissan is also considering the application of ProPILOT self-driving technology to more models, in more markets. ProPILOT self-driving technology helps the car operate on a highway lane in each direction. This technology helps the car automatically maintain a safe distance behind other traffic, adjust the speed accordingly and stop the vehicle if necessary.

“We are working on improving ProPILOT self-driving technology that can operate on multiple highway lanes. Cars will have the ability to change lanes automatically,” said Yutaka Sanada, adding that the goal is for everyone to have easy access to these technologies, not just high-end customers.

Mr. Yutaka Sanada gave an interview to VnExpress.  Photo: Giang Huy.

Mr. Yutaka Sanada gave an interview VnExpress. Photo: Giang Huy.

However, Mr. Yutaka Sanada also said that, to apply advanced self-driving car technology, one of the important requirements is to have advanced traffic infrastructure and high-definition maps.

The launch of self-driving cars in the future also requires research, discussion and agreement of the parties to find the optimal method of integrating this technology into existing society.

“Manufacturers like Nissan need to develop and have the technologies ready, while governments and regulators have to devise policies to support self-driving car testing in each market. In order to apply advanced self-driving technology, communication technology between drivers on the road also needs to be established,” said Yutaka Sanada.

Tesla's Autopilot self-driving system.

Tesla’s Autopilot self-driving system.

In fact, self-driving car technology has been researched and developed by many companies around the world. In Vietnam, FPT Software also focuses on developing autonomous vehicle technology with the ability to move on its own and avoid obstacles on the road.

Talking about the time when self-driving cars will be commercialized, Mr. Yutaka Sanada said that it is impossible to forecast a specific time for each market, but about 10 to 15 years from now is completely feasible.