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Sea Square – the highlight at Thanh Long Bay


Binh ThuanSea Square – the place where special festival activities take place all year round of Thanh Long Bay is completing the final stages to put into operation from the beginning of the fourth quarter.

The 2.1-hectare sea square is the central public work of Thanh Long Bay’s urban resort and sports complex. More than 80% of lighting systems, walkways, welcome gates, pedestrian bridges, trees, lotus ponds, lakes… have been completed to officially come into operation in the near future. Indigenous cultural imprints combined with modern architecture promises to bring strong impressions to visitors when coming here.

The architects chose the image of dragon fruit – a typical fruit of Binh Thuan province as inspiration in the design of the square. “It is no coincidence that the typical fruit of Binh Thuan in English is ‘dragon fruit’. They are like the pearls of dragons rising from the rocky land, making Binh Thuan become the world’s largest dragon fruit exporter in the world. Dragon fruit can be considered as a symbol of prosperity of this land”, the representative of the project development unit described.

Welcome gate at the square with the imprint from the dragon fruit is gradually revealed. Photo: Nam Group

Thanh Long Bay welcome gate area is created by vertical columns, purple and pink color, recreating the shape of trees, dragon fruit reaching out as a greeting to lead visitors into the complex of Thanh Long Bay.

Stepping through the welcome gate, the view towards the sea will open with the green patches of trees, sea, lake… making visitors feel as relaxed as they are discovering the taste of sweet and cool dragon fruit. The color of the welcome gate connects with the striking pink and purple color of the infinity pedestrian bridge, creating a highlight for the sea square.

“Walking on the bridge, visitors can feel the harmony of the sea, immense sand beaches, bright sunlight, sound of waves crashing and cool breeze. When night falls. , the bridge will bring the shimmering beauty of a river of stars, reminiscent of the sparkling galaxy,” the project development unit described.

Night Economic Center

With a central location, winding shape, and unique lighting design, the pedestrian bridge promises to be a “galaxy of light” in the overall Thanh Long Bay at night.

The participation of ASA Lighting Design Studios in the lighting design category has created a brilliant yet sophisticated Thanh Long Bay, indigenous but modern. ASA is a member of the International Association of Professional Lighting Consultants (IALD), one of the largest and oldest lighting design firms in Southeast Asia that has received global awards in the lighting design industry. .

Experts from ASA said that the surface treatment of Thanh Long Bay pedestrian bridge creates small holes, so that when the light is turned on at night, the view from above will create a magnificent sight. . Standing on the bridge, visitors can see the whole park and square and watch the sea without blocking the view.

“Thanh Long Bay is considered the capital of light with the lights that never go out on the fruit-laden dragon fruit orchards. Darkness never covers the dragon fruit bay because the vibrant night activities will take place. here,” the project developer described.

Perspective of the sea square of Thanh Long Bay, which promises to bring different experiences with special activities

Perspective of the sea square of Thanh Long Bay, which promises to bring different experiences with special activities

In addition to the welcome gate, the pedestrian bridge, the Moonlight roundabout is also a mark of the sea square. The intersection of the boulevard, the end of the sea square, the Moonlight roundabout promises to open up new experiences on the vibrant coast, and is also the center of the “night economy” of the whole resort.

According to experts, the development of many types of real estate in the same complex not only helps Thanh Long Bay meet all the needs of customers for living, working, relaxing and entertaining, but also helps to optimize the problem. return on property. Diverse entertainment activities day and night along with large-scale sports activities are expected to stimulate demand for accommodation, dining, relaxation and shopping, thereby attracting an abundant source of domestic and foreign tourists.

In particular, the sea square – the night economic center of Thanh Long Bay will be the place to organize entertainment festivals and performances with a scale of up to 5,000 people. This is also the first opening category, promising to be a place for visitors to have unique check-in and experiences.

Currently, Thanh Long Bay introduces to the market the garden house by the sea – The Song. This is a new garden house subdivision with two facades, an internal facade that blends into a vibrant shopping and utility space and welcomes the fresh sea breeze. The interior facing the pool and garden provides a private relaxing space. This is the only subdivision in Thanh Long Bay that owns a garden of nearly 1,400 square meters and a swimming pool that meets the standards of a high-class resort. Each 36 The Song apartments will own a green core located in the center with full sunbathing area, jacuzzi area, jogging track around the lake, children’s water playground, multi-purpose yard…

The Song is applying a double incentive program, helping buyers own the product with a payment of only 25% of the value, equivalent to 1.8 billion until receiving the house (after 20 months). The developer commits to a profit of 6% per year for the first 30 apartments.

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