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Sam Son riverside resort real estate welcomes the trend of workcation


Thanh HoaSam Son is assessed by investor Sun Group as having enough potential to develop real estate products to catch up with the trend of workcation – both working and resting.

Workcation is crowned

The trend of workcation originates from the US, when studies show that the work pressure in this country is especially severe and can cost the national budget hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Americans also work 50% more than workers in Germany, France and Italy, according to a 2004 National Bureau of Economic Research report, but “there is no indication that Americans work more productive”.

Investors focus on developing second home to catch up with the booming workcation trend.

In that context, the workcation movement allows each person to arrange vacation trips combined with work, so that every morning he can wake up and work in a place with a fresh natural setting – where there are no secrets. of urban life or the fear of isolation.

When Covid-19 broke out, travel, long-term travel experiences were restricted, the workcation movement quickly received a strong global response. The Ixigo Travel Trends Report 2020 (travel e-commerce website in India) reflects that, with the majority of companies adopting teleworking, 30% of workers revealed that they have a need to work. remotely in an entertainment destination.

“We see an average increase of 27% per month in searches for popular getaway spaces. Most travelers prefer eco-friendly resorts and resorts to mix and match. work and relax,” said Aloke Bajpai, CEO and co-founder of Ixigo.

The combination of work and vacation quickly becomes appealing. An airy working space, where you can clearly feel the sounds of nature, wake up every morning immersed in the sunrise, sip a cup of tea with a panoramic view of the charming river, a working desk with a beautiful view. look towards the mountains or the favorite beach… That’s what the urban rich look forward to now and in the future, when the Covid-19 epidemic is over.

The photo illustrates the living space close to nature to inspire inspiration for work.

Living space close to nature arouses inspiration for work.

The popularity of the workcation trend brings opportunities for real estate projects with open space, close to nature in tourist areas not too far from the city, but still ensuring the necessary separation. There, the owner has both a valuable life experience and inspiration for work.

At these projects, owners can both work remotely, use technology to connect with colleagues and friends, and relax privately with relatives and family in a luxurious villa space. This is also a trend that is being loved by many Vietnamese people.

Sam Son – a fertile land for the trend of workcation

The development of the second home model to meet the trend of workcation to suit the tastes of customers focuses on the balance between a place that is both green and “quality”, and has convenient transportation and easy connection to the area. center.

In recent years, Thanh Hoa has become an attractive destination for real estate investors. The advantages of transport infrastructure, planning and large land fund make this locality an ideal destination for workcation, especially in Sam Son – the tourist capital of the North.

Perspective photo of the Sun Riverside Village project - a suitable choice for the vacation combined with work of the rich people in the northern urban area.

Sun Riverside Village – the right choice for the vacations combined with work of the rich people in the northern urban area.

Besides, located less than 20 minutes drive from Thanh Hoa city center, at South Ma River Boulevard, about 2 hours from Hanoi, the colorful eco-resort urban area Sun Riverside Village is coming soon. The eyes on the river Do are also a suggestion for vacations combining with work of the rich urban class in the North.

A destination that is close enough to the busy city, easy to move to Thanh Hoa city or immerse in the vibrant coastal streets of Sam Son, just secluded enough for the rich to enjoy their private life. Here, each owner of a riverside eco-villa can live peacefully in the midst of nature with an exciting remote working space.

Mr. Bui Van Doanh, director of the Vietnam Real Estate Research Institute, said that when the land fund in the center is limited, residents want to find the suburbs where there is no dust, pollution, to enjoy the fresh air. green space, with fresh air from the river, the sea blowing in. Normally, the riverside living space will be separate from the city center area, so it is suitable for residents to enjoy a peaceful life. In addition, riverside houses also harmonize feng shui when converging both wind and water elements, bringing prosperity and fortune to the owner.

Perspective of the resort urban area along the river Do - which will set a new standard of living, harmonizing the two values ​​of living and relaxing in Sam Son.

Urban resort along the river Do – where will set a new standard of living, harmonizing the two values ​​of settlement and relaxation in Sam Son.

The location “next to the river, next to the sea, adjacent to the street” helps the Do riverside villa to set a new standard of living for the elite community of residents, harmonizing the two values ​​of settlement and resort, the place to start for the living experience. Workcation experience in the second home of the owner.

Each villa at Sun Riverside Village has a 3-storey design with a variety of types from single, duplex, quadrangle and architectural style with the breath of the liberal Miami land. The architectural style blends with the green space of the Do River, creating a suitable resort and working space, stimulating the creativity of the owner.

“After a period of work, right on the porch or balcony overlooking the river, a life close to nature helps to purify the spirit. It is a fitness park, a riverside promenade. to find new emotions, or the bustling life of the adjacent shophouse area to bring a trendy living experience to residents”, the representative of the investor described.

When the trend of living and working approaches the general trend in the world, a high-class living space like a riverside villa promises to be a destination for global citizens – dynamic, modern and ready people. ready to adapt to change. In other words, Sun Riverside Village is expected to bring a new breeze and a modern lifestyle to the Thanh people and the Northern elite in general.

Hoai Phong
(Picture illustration: Sun Tropical Village )



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