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Residential real estate in the suburbs gradually recovers


Entering a new normal, the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring provinces has shown signs of warming up again, especially in the housing segment.

According to data from the real estate information channel VHome, from the beginning of October until now, the number of people interested in real estate has increased by more than 300% over the same period in the national market. Particularly in Ho Chi Minh City, a city with more than 10 million people, the demand for real estate is still very high after the gap.

Data of Real estate It also shows that more than 70% of searches in the past time still focus on residential real estate, in the affordable and mid-end segment. Notably, affordable apartments and land around Ho Chi Minh City serve the real growth of housing demand as soon as there is information about loosening the distance. This development repeats the history of previous quarantines, when the epidemic is under control, real estate for real demand is always the segment that bounces back the earliest.

Urban complex – landscape Cat Tuong Phu Hung with multi-function characteristics to meet diverse customer needs. Photo: Lucky

According to some experts, industrial real estate is also a segment that receives much attention from investors, when benefiting from the US-China trade war; the Government’s policy on infrastructure; promote public investment. Industrial real estate investors have a long-term vision, so they are usually not dependent on short-term adverse factors such as the epidemic. Investors expect industrial real estate to thrive in the coming years.

With a large land bank, location adjacent to Ho Chi Minh City, increasingly complete infrastructure and transportation system along with the speed of industrialization and modernization on the rise, the areas of Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc. .. is attracting more and more attention.

Commercial real estate projects possessing the advantages of location, infrastructure, utilities, as well as complete legality in this area are interested by investors, while recording a stable consumption rate.

Complex project increases attractiveness for Binh Phuoc

Grasping market trends and long-term vision, Cat Tuong Real Estate Group (Cat Tuong Group) has invested in building and developing integrated urban area Cat Tuong Phu Hung in Binh Phuoc.

At Cat Tuong Phu Hung, the investor planned and built a complex model – an “all-in-one” landscape, providing a harmonious living space between nature and architecture. Owners of products in the project can both do business and invest thanks to solid legality and high liquidity.

Cat Tuong Phu Hung is located opposite Dong Xoai III industrial park which is about to come into operation.

Cat Tuong Phu Hung is located opposite Dong Xoai III industrial park which is about to come into operation.

Accordingly, the project integrates many commercial streets to become a busy commercial complex in Binh Phuoc with an “economic triangle” including Lucky Mall trade center, Phu Thien Kim night economic zone and a shopping street along the National Park. highway 14.

Phu Thien Kim Night Economic Zone owns more than 200 kiosks serving a variety of products, attracting more than 20,000 visitors to visit, shop and entertain each week. In the near future, the Lucky Mall shopping center will be put into operation, which will also contribute to improving the cultural and social life and promoting the development of the local economy.

“The row of commercial townhouses with modern and spacious design opens up a new future for Binh Phuoc province and the whole area; creates a push for regional economic development, contributing to changing the face of the city towards modernization. , and at the same time improve the living standards of the community,” the investor expects.

The project also owns a system of 18 modern internal utilities, including: The Angel Cinema World, Light Square, The Destin Architectural Heritage World Park, etc. cultural value, entertainment for residents and visitors near and far.

Currently, the project is open for sale of land plots and townhouses with affordable prices, flexible payment. Buyers who pay 35% of the product value can immediately own the most beautiful plot of land in the busy commercial complex of Binh Phuoc, enjoy preferential discounts, and receive a diamond worth 10 million VND when buying. any product. Investors who buy from two products, each product will receive a diamond worth 20 million VND. The investor offers a savings book of 10 million VND when buying products of block A and the opportunity to receive a package of construction materials worth up to 150 million VND for customers.

Hoai Phong

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