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Real estate investment should choose coastal land or surf?


I was called by a real estate agent to bring money to surf in the province with the ability to double in just a few months.

I am 32 years old, married, living in Ho Chi Minh City, my income and conditions are similar to you, please advise in the article “How to invest with a capital of 1.5 billion dong?”.

My wife and I currently have 1.7 billion dong saved and are depositing it in the bank. However, the deposit interest rate is not attractive so I want to find another investment channel.

Unlike you need advice above, I do not intend to invest in stocks because I have no expertise. The investment channel that I am aiming for is real estate.

I carefully read the advice of the readers VnExpressMost of them are also leaning towards this investment channel. The example you give is also very attractive, when choosing the right potential areas can bring two or three times the return of the original capital in a few years. However, what I am wondering is how to choose real estate to achieve this.

Recently, when I was looking for information about this market, some real estate brokers also introduced investment opportunities. Someone advised me to invest in real estate in the province with the expectation that this area will have “waves”, when there is information that some large corporations are looking for projects. They cited areas that used to have similar “waves”, confirming that if they close quickly and in time, they will make big profits. But I wonder about the other case, what if I can’t sell it in time, especially when Covid-19 is complicated and the market is in a stagnation phase.

Looking forward to receiving advice from readers so that I can find a reasonable investment.

Nguyen Nam



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