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Real estate endures by selling online


Ho Chi Minh CityInstead of closing the holiday season, real estate companies sell houses, land online, livestream to overcome the fourth epidemic.

The manager of one company said that the livestream sales are how the company tries to manage to live with the Covid-19 storm instead of shutting down. By doing this, businesses can maintain their staff as well as have a small amount of revenue to operate the system.

Thu Duc city real estate market. Photo: Quynh Tran.

Meanwhile, the general director of a real estate company based in Binh Tan district, in the western part of Ho Chi Minh City, specializing in the sale of townhouses and land plots in Long An, said that since the fourth outbreak of the epidemic, worry lagging behind competitors, businesses began to deploy online sales during the holiday season.

The general director of this company said that from the end of May, businesses began to spend billions of dong investing in digital transformation, applying a comprehensive working method “work from anywhere”, using Using multiple technology platforms at the same time to manage human resources. The company also develops an online sales system through livestream channels and social networking platforms to improve liquidity.

“Selling land plots and townhouses online faces many difficulties and limitations when it is not possible to meet customers directly to close the transaction, the sales efficiency is only about 30% compared to normal conditions, but it is still better than closing the sale. door, lay off employees,” he said.

Also choosing a solution to promote livestream sales, the director of a real estate business based in the South of Ho Chi Minh City admitted to facing a lot of difficulties when the epidemic was complicated throughout the second quarter and lasted into the third quarter. Most of the brokerage staff’s work such as meeting, consulting and taking guests to visit the project is temporarily suspended. Plus social distancing according to Directive 16, so the sale doesn’t have the opportunity to meet customers and close the deal.

Faced with this situation, from the beginning of July, businesses began to organize online sales through social networking platforms and livestreams. “The initial efficiency is quite low, only 20% compared to normal conditions, but nonetheless, it is the only way out at present,” he said.

Mr. Tran Hieu, Deputy General Director of Marketing and Sales Division of DKRA Vietnam admitted that, with the current complicated epidemic situation, many businesses have given their brokerage staff unpaid leave to wait for the epidemic to pass. The market is stable again. However, in the midst of difficulties, some units still decided to organize online sales to overcome difficulties during the fourth outbreak of Covid-19.

According to Mr. Hieu, the overall picture is quite bleak, real estate brokers in small exchanges mostly take unpaid leave, so they have returned to their hometown to avoid the epidemic. Only large-scale real estate floors with hundreds of employees or more and actively shopping baskets can focus on selling online.

For companies that change the mindset of selling real estate from direct to online via technology platforms (currently the most popular is livestream), the effect is not high, but it is one of the short-term solutions. Online sales programs will often be effective in terms of information, attracting the attention of potential customers because at this time most people are at home watching online a lot.

DKRA deputy general analysis, the same project if normal conditions direct sales are still better. Selling real estate online has the biggest difficulty as customers are more hesitant. On the other hand, people still put a lot of emphasis on property transactions, which must be conducted directly to exchange more. “The efficiency of selling real estate online is usually quite low, the best performance is only half of that of direct sales (offline)”, Mr. Hieu commented.

Mr. David Jackson – General Director of Colliers Vietnam assessed that selling real estate online during the initial epidemic season may be just a short-term plan to “fire” the epidemic season. But with a young population, high internet usage rate (more than 70%) along with the explosion of online interaction channels in Vietnam, real estate brokers sooner or later cannot stay out of the selling trend. this online store.

According to Mr. David Jackson, in order to effectively use online channels, brokerage firms need in-depth and appropriate information and strategies. The current trend, brokerage companies that encourage real estate sales to set up groups on social networks to share investment experiences or provide data for each specific project. Posting information with vivid images, videos or infographics will attract attention from potential customers. Online real estate sales have diverse interactions from many people, many different points of view and perspectives, contributing to creating objective criticism.

General Director of Colliers said that if taking advantage of the livestream feature of many applications, social networking platforms will help buyers observe real estate in a vivid way. This method also helps customers who are far away, not convenient to move, to have more channels to access the project. But to live stream real estate sales also needs to be done professionally, with a support team with specialized equipment, along with the presenter having good knowledge and skills of introduction.

While appreciating the strengths of online real estate sales during the pandemic, Mr. David Jackson admitted that online channels have not been able to completely change the traditional offline sales channel.

The forms of livestream to sell real estate or sell real estate online on many social networking platforms initially only play a supporting role, increasing brand recognition and maintaining connections with customers, preparing for sale occasions. direct products later.

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