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Profitable investment opportunities from resort cities, marine sports – VnExpress Business


In addition to Thanh Long Bay resort urban products, there are also a variety of large-scale sea sports, expected to attract millions of domestic and international tourists each year.

Sports tourism (sports tourims) is gradually becoming familiar to travel followers, is a type of tourism in which tourists come to participate in or watch sports-related activities, combined with relaxation. , discover. It is no coincidence that countries around the world are increasingly racing to host an Olympics or a continental tournament, because in addition to promoting the image of the country, sports tourism also bring a huge source of income for the locality.

With a length of 192 km of coastline and the advantage of sunny and dry weather all year round, Binh Thuan is an ideal playground for outdoor activities, entertainment or sea sports. This is also one of the key areas that this province prioritizes for development and calls for investment.

In 2016, the project “Building Binh Thuan into a national marine sport and tourism center” was approved, becoming an important foundation for the development of more diverse types of sports and entertainment at sea. At the beginning of 2020, Binh Thuan also established the Association of Recreational and Aquatic Sports as a basis to promote the development of the marine sports movement throughout the province.

Many key inter-regional infrastructure projects such as Dau Giay – Phan Thiet highway, Phan Thiet airport, Long Thanh international airport will shorten the travel distance from Ho Chi Minh City and neighboring localities to Binh Thuan yet. up to 2 hours, is a favorable condition for this place to attract tourists.

Among the projects being developed here, Thanh Long Bay is one of the pioneering projects to develop resort urban, entertainment combined with sea sports of international standards, opening the premise for service development. professional marine sports in Vietnam. Investor- Nam Group has come up with a long-term and sustainable development plan, in line with the province’s economic and tourism development strategy in the next 5-10 years.

In 2019, when surveying the nearly 2km long private beach of Thanh Long Bay for cooperation in the development of marine sports services, a representative of H2O Sports Hawaii said that this place has an ideal sea level depth. You can walk up to 100 m from the shore, especially in areas with calm waves, soft sand and safe comfort. This is an advantage that helps Thanh Long Bay easily break through on its own path in marine sports.

With the methodical investment combined with the strict operation and monitoring platform according to the standards of H2O Sports Hawaii, Thanh Long Bay has become a venue for large-scale marine sports tourism competitions or festivals. in the country and the world is extremely positive. This will be the place to gather almost all the popular sports from snorkeling, kayaking, banana boat racing, water motor racing, to exciting games. like skydiving, paragliding, jet surfing, deep diving and windsurfing… and tournaments like beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach handball…

According to the project investor, various types of entertainment and large-scale sports tournaments will attract millions of domestic and international visitors each year, leading to a huge demand for accommodation, dining, and entertainment. relax, shop. “This is a great source of profit for property owners in Thanh Long Bay, especially in the context that the accommodation and resort service system in Ke Ga is still very limited,” said the representative of the investor. .

As a complex urban resort – entertainment – sea sports with 12 functional subdivisions from beach townhouses, beach apartments, mini hotels, resort resorts combined with thousands of utilities spread throughout the area, the same area. With a vibrant night economy, according to him, Thanh Long Bay can easily retain tourists after each tournament to stay longer, regenerate better and spend more.

In the opposite direction, the presence of an international-class marine sports arena in the resort-entertainment urban area will attract the attention of customers, by creating a variety of experiences suitable to their preferences. favorite of many different travel followers.

In order to build a network of diverse service providers to be able to meet the needs of visitors, the investor Nam Group has developed product lines of commercial townhouses and mini hotels. With a large area of ​​​​6 x 18m2, these houses are completely customizable to many different design styles and uses.

At this stage, customers only need to pay 25% of the product value to be able to own a house by the sea, the remaining 75% will be loaned by banks with 0% interest rate, debt grace period. original until receiving the house. In addition, the investor is applying the same series of gift programs with a total value of up to VND 1.5 billion in this November.

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