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Privileged utility chain of tens of billions at Charm Diamond


Binh DuongCharm Diamond Tower owns the amenities of a luxury apartment according to the standard of a 5-star hotel in Di An City.

According to the investor, the 35-storey Charm Diamond attracts the attention of customers, especially foreign experts working in industrial zones of Di An city and Binh Duong province. “This is one of the projects to provide high-class serviced apartments according to the standards of a 5-star hotel,” said the representative of the investor and said that the construction units are accelerating the completion process to Supply 500 apartments to the market.

Perspective of the entrance to the Charm Diamond project.

In addition to owning a location right in the central area of ​​Di An city, Charm Diamond also inherits the utility system of the Charm City complex, including the Vincom Plaza commercial center with utilities such as cinemas and commercial areas. , shopping and entertainment… The project is also located near hospitals, schools, convenient for residents.

Charm Diamond is also heavily invested by investors with hundreds of billions to develop a chain of privileged utilities according to the standard of a 5-star hotel. The tower has an electrolytic salt infinity pool, which is a pure water treatment technology applied at famous 5-star hotels in the country. This is the most modern technology currently applied to swimming pools. With this technology, swimming pools can both disinfect and create no odor in the water source, and at the same time do not cause dry skin irritation like pools using chlorine.

Charm Diamond has a salt electrolytic infinity pool according to 5-star hotel standards.

Charm Diamond has a salt electrolytic infinity pool according to 5-star hotel standards.

The therapeutic spa area combines massage and acupressure methods with therapeutic treatments such as herbal compresses, herbal baths… Fitness & Yoga with 5-star luxury standards. The 20th floor is equipped with negative ion air treatment technology, ensuring that fresh air is always circulated fresh and green, ensuring the health and safety of residents.

The apartments of Charm Diamond tower are all designed to take in natural light, ensuring openness, plenty of light and vitality and beneficial to health.

The investor of Charm Diamond also gives priority to green space with two large green 5,000m2 existing parks that filter the air and help relax. “The special highlight of the project is the unique aerial walking garden that helps residents feel like they are staying at a 5-star hotel,” the representative of the investor shared.

Charm Diamond also impresses with the Sky Bar with an infinity view that can see the whole city with the observatory on the top of the tower. Besides, residents can also use other services, such as Business Lounge, BBQ garden, entertainment room, book library, music club.

Skybar with infinity view at Charm Diamond.

Perspective skybar with infinity view at Charm Diamond.

Charm Diamond’s lobby and elevator corridors are luxuriously designed according to 5-star standards with air conditioning and 24/7 security system. The tower is managed and operated according to international standards by the largest Japanese brand Tokyu PM with more than 100 years of experience.

According to information from the investor, the project is preparing to launch a 5-star model apartment to help customers have a more panoramic and clearer view of the living space at Charm Diamond.

Currently, Di An gathers 2 industrial clusters and 6 large-scale industrial parks already in operation. Therefore, the demand for housing exclusively for high-level professionals from abroad to live and work has increased over time. According to the project investor, in the coming time when the countries plan to open up, the airport will be more active, there will be a series of experts from the US, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Taiwan, and Europe. .. to Vietnam led to a rapid increase in the accommodation demand of high-end professionals. “Therefore, 500 apartments in the project will partly solve the problem of high-class apartments for experts,” the representative said.

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