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Potential for settlement and investment at Lagi New City project


Binh ThuanLocated at the tourist gateway of Binh Thuan, Lagi New City is one of the projects to attract investors’ cash flow.

Well located

The law of real estate investment indicates that projects with prime locations will bring opportunities for investors, because the potential from the location is often proportional to the future profitability. According to this criterion, complex projects like Lagi New City have many competitive advantages in the southern coastal real estate market.

The project owns a strategic location in an urban area with great development potential like La Gi, which is being invested to become the second city of Binh Thuan. According to experts, along with the development orientation of the province, La Gi is receiving the opportunity to make a strong breakthrough.

Dau Giay – Phan Thiet Expressway is gradually taking shape. Photo: Kien Giang

When the connecting routes and Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway are completed and expected to go into operation in 2022, visitors from Ho Chi Minh City and the southern provinces can move to La Gi in about 1.5 hours. driving hours.

Besides, the advantage of being located in the middle of the coastal route with two ends at Long Thanh and Phan Thiet airports also helps international and northern tourists easily move to La Gi. According to investors, this is one of the big push for local tourism to “take off”.

“Lagi New City launched at the present time will enjoy the full development potential of commerce, services and sea tourism of the region, anticipating the development of the ‘future city’ La Gi”, an investor said. real estate investment in Binh Thuan evaluation.

Among many projects being started in Binh Thuan, stretching along the coastal strip of more than 192 km, Lagi New City is a coastal urban project that enjoys the development advantages of the region when surrounded by the pristine La Gi sea. adjacent to a densely populated area and the infrastructure is gradually improving.

From the project, residents take 3 – 5 minutes to move to external facilities such as busy seaports, local markets, supermarkets or schools at all levels; about 7-10 minutes connecting to General Hospital and famous tourist areas such as Doi Duong Beach, Cam Binh or Coco Beach Camp…

In addition, Lagi New City also has the advantage of being “closer”: the East borders La Gi fishing port, the West and the South borders the East Sea; The North borders on Ben Chuong Duong Street and a busy residential area.

“With two sides bordering the sea, Lagi New City’s commercial and service urban complex can be likened to an expensive, shining and prosperous pearl, helping to elevate the value of experience and resort. of residents”, said a representative of the development unit.

Urban “all-in-one” in “city of the future”

With a scale of 43.4 hectares, Lagi New City opens up the inspiring living space of a bustling coastal city. Experienced architects have put a lot of heart into the project with the expectation of creating a new symbol of prosperity here.

The project is designed with the breath of indigenous culture but still retains the advantages of modern architecture, planned into 3 subdivisions: Pearl Harbor, Sunrise Mariana and Ocean Bay according to each function of high-class resort and entertainment. entertainment and commercial shopping.

Lagi New City integrates a diverse utility system.

Lagi New City integrates a diverse utility system.

The project is considered by investors as a convenient investment and settlement destination when located in a busy seaport area, opening up the potential for commercial exploitation. Besides, Lagi New City is also built to meet the settlement needs of local people and high-class professionals in neighboring clusters, industrial parks and distant tourists looking for a second home. two to relax.

With the criterion of “all for a comfortable life”, Lagi New City integrates a system of more than 30 synchronous utilities such as a commercial center, children’s play area, high-class restaurant, sea view shophouse, kindergarten. .. All provide a comprehensive shopping, dining and entertainment space for residents and visitors at La Gi.

Lagi New City plans to develop 27,000 square meters of green space, contributing to improving the quality of life for future residents.

Lagi New City plans to develop 27,000 square meters of green space, contributing to improving the quality of life for future residents.

In addition, the investor also focuses on the quality of life of residents when spending 27,000m2 creating green space with a series of public landscapes such as Wishing Lake, Ocean Road, Dawn Gate, Coral Walking Street Walking Street… In addition, the chain of shophouses facing the sea with a system of restaurants, coffee shops, outdoor BBQ areas and many tourism and entertainment services will bring unique discovery experiences.

With long-term legal ownership, Lagi New City is not only considered as a suitable residence but also a valuable asset for investors with medium and long-term vision. In addition to the advantages of location, planning, utilities or long-term ownership, the program of 10 – 14% profit commitment from the investor a year also makes Lagi New City create heat in the real estate market. Nam Binh Thuan marine real estate at the present time.

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