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Potential for investment in commercial villas in satellite towns


The time of the epidemic with many preferential policies from investors, is an opportunity for many investors to put down money in the commercial villa segment.

Since the fourth Covid-19 outbreak in Hanoi, Mr. Hoang (45 years old, Au Trieu) has “paralyzed” completely. The homestay chain in the old town, which previously brought him a large source of income, has now had to stop operating.

In the same situation, Mr. Cuong (40 years old, Cau Giay) also closed two luxury apartments for foreign experts before long-term rental, now returning home due to the epidemic in Vietnam facing the risk of an outbreak. Meanwhile, the fact that they still have to make regular monthly bank interest payments makes the two men face many difficulties.

This is not only the story of Mr. Cuong or Mr. Hoang, but this is a common situation that many people doing business and investing in small and medium commercial real estate have to face. It is difficult for them to stabilize their business operations and to have enough money to pay the banks.

In the new context, realizing the development of a satellite urban area in Hoai Duc, where infrastructure and traffic development is planned quite synchronously, Mr. Cuong decided to sell two apartments and put money to buy one. commercial villas here, anticipating development potential in this area.

Similarly, Mr. Hoang also transferred the homestay chain and switched to investing in commercial townhouses in this project. “The initial capital was quite ‘comfortable’ for me and was supported with interest rates for 30 months, so I could temporarily put aside the sleepless days with monthly interest payments,” said Mr. Hoang.

Perspective of a satellite urban area in Hanoi. The source: Anlac Green Symphony Urban Area

As for Mr. Cuong, when he decided to sell two apartments and switch to buying a villa here, he was satisfied because the product meets business interests and has a lot of value in terms of settlement and investment.

Satellite urban area in the West of Hanoi

The project invested by the two brothers is about 10 minutes away from the inner city center, located at the connecting center to the west of Hanoi. Anlac Green Symphony, a semi-closed integrated urban area, provides commercial real estate products such as townhouses, commercial villas, “pleased” with customers and investors.

According to the project investor, the commercial riverside villa subdivision not only possesses a river view, but is also located at a location adjacent to the radial Moonlight Avenue directly connecting with the entire West area. The subdivision promises to access about 500,000 residents of Hoai Duc and My Dinh areas to experience, entertain and relax. The area is also surrounded by apartment towers and luxury villa complexes, with about 10,000 potential customers, with abundant consumption styles and shopping needs, enjoying quality life.

Investors who like to enjoy life and still satisfy their business like Mr. Cuong love the project’s commercial riverside villa at first sight. Each apartment has a French neoclassical style with an area of ​​​​up to 148m2, designed with 4 floors, providing a lot of space for the owner to create and divide the use.

While the first and second floors can be used for business exploitation, the remaining floors still meet the living and resort needs of members of all generations. The investor said that the project was developed to meet all 3 criteria: business, living and enjoying in just one model.

Anlac Green Symphony Riverfront Commercial Villa.  Source: Anlac Green Symphony Urban Area

Anlac Green Symphony Riverfront Commercial Villa. The source: Anlac Green Symphony Urban Area

Considered as a “full green area” in a high-class and safe utility complex in the West of Hanoi, Anlac Green Symphony riverfront commercial villa is considered by experts to be a quality living space, bringing the best living space. appropriate living and business values. According to an expert, if they know how to seize opportunities and be flexible in capital movement, individual investors can “win big” because this is also a favorable time to buy quality products. Currently, investors also apply a series of preferential policies, bringing many benefits to home buyers.

Currently, Anlac Green Symphony buyers also enjoy two incentive programs: 0% interest rate support for 24 months and 3 years free management and operation; 0% interest support for 30 months. The program is valid until October 15.

Hoai Phong

Anlac Green Symphony 5-star urban area includes products: villas, commercial villas, townhouses, apartments, shophouses, direct links to My Dinh Center and Trung Hoa – Nhan Chinh
Address: Van Canh – An Khanh, Hoai Duc, Hanoi
Project website: https://anlacgreensymphony.vn/
Investor: An Lac Group
Contact: 0909 708 686



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