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Own Apec Mandala Kim Boi hot mineral apartment with 110 million VND


The owner of the 5-star hot mineral apartment Apec Mandala Kim Boi can both relax and rent it out with a small capital.

Investor Apec Group has just announced the investment sharing model at Apec Mandala Kim Boi project (Hoa Binh). Accordingly, with a capital of 110 million dong, the owner owns a week at the hotel apartment for 50 years or with 490 million dong, the ownership period is up to 2 months per year. At this time, the original price per night for a 5-star stay is only 163,000 VND and does not increase the price.

Perspective of Apec Mandala Kim Boi project.

For the entire remaining period of the apartment, the investor Apec operates the lease and commits to a fixed annual interest rate equivalent to 4% bank interest per year. “Investing 110 million dong, customers get 220 million dong, invest 490 million dong, get 980 million dong,” calculated the investor.

With a financial source of 1.1 billion VND, many customers own a full 5-star apartment to actively do business and relax for the whole small family. The investor calculates a monthly profit that can be up to 40-50 million VND per month, rental revenue of several hundred million VND per year.

Also at the Kim Boi Mandala project, a group of 4 nursing mothers can buy together to start their own business, each investment is only 120 million VND. With a rental price of 1.5-2.5 million VND per night, people can collect 120 million VND per year.


Private hot mineral swimming pool in each apartment at Apec Mandala Kim Boi.

With the privilege of “Buy 1 – own the chain”, residents and investors who buy apartments in Kim Boi – Hoa Binh can also transfer points, change holidays flexibly on all destinations of Apec Group throughout Vietnam. Male. Apec Group is the owner of a series of large projects such as Apec Royal Park Hue with a total investment of 10,000 billion VND, Apec Mandala Wyndham Mui Ne – the top 10 largest hotels in Asia with nearly 3,000 rooms… and a series of series. 5-star hotels in: Phu Yen, Lang Son, Bac Giang, Hoi An, Quy Nhon, Yen Bai…

Ms. Le Thu Huong, Director of Apec Mandala Holiday shared: “Apec is investing methodically in the booking system and e-commerce platform, helping customers to list, sell and exchange rooms easily, increasing the revenue. liquidity for the apartment”.

Apec Mandala Kim Boi is one of the few projects that owns a natural hot mineral source rich in minerals, alkalis and good for health. The system of hot mineral pools is well-invested, helping to support the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases, stomach diseases, preventing many diseases… All apartments have their own private mineral baths in the house.

Sports and entertainment areas are also designed to inspire residents to practice and improve their health: jogging paths lined with trees, separate bike lanes, meditation gardens, outdoor yoga heaven, professional gym. The Apec Medical Center for International Medical Cooperation – a gathering of excellent doctors and nurses working 24/7, will also be opened at the same time as the expected time of residents’ acceptance of their homes in May 2022.

According to the representative of the investor, with a small capital and a unique form of investment sharing, the apartment owners simultaneously enjoy double benefits: double return on investment and enjoy high-class holidays with investment channels. safe. “This is the difference that helps Mandala Kim Boi attract professional investors and city families who want to own a second apartment,” he added.

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