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Opportunity to own the last villas at Sun Grand City Feria


Quang NinhThe last 30 villas of Sun Grand City Feria are open for sale with an area of ​​​​180 to 500m2, spending up to 40-50% of space for gardens and green areas.

Feria in Italian means “holiday”. As the name suggests, the resort-style urban area Sun Grand City Feria, completed in the second quarter of this year, has attracted the attention of the Northern elite.

Launched in May 2020, Sun Grand City Feria is the first urban area invested and developed by Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) in Ha Long, Quang Ninh. According to the representative of the investor, Sun Grand City Feria completes Sun Property’s luxury real estate complex in Bai Chay, standing next to the excitement of commercial townhouse complexes, boutique shophouses or apartment towers. by the Bay of Yachts.

The whole project seen from above. Photo: Sun Group

In 2021, Sun Grand City Feria reaches an impressive milestone in terms of construction progress. Accordingly, despite the heavy impact of the epidemic, after less than a year of construction, the project began to be handed over from June 21.

Villas with white paint, Spanish red tile roofs, green balconies like cliff houses on Santorini island are now present on the banks of the deep blue Gulf.

The villa at Sun Grand City Feria is inspired by Mediterranean architecture.  Photo: Sun Group

The villa at Sun Grand City Feria is inspired by Spanish – Mediterranean architecture. Photo: Sun Group

Sun Grand City Feria is a pioneering project that brings a new style of living in a heritage city when it achieves double standards, creating an ideal resort space near the sea as well as a comfortable living place with all the facilities of a city. modern urban area.

According to a representative of Sun Property, the project has completed and handed over hundreds of villas to customers. There are still a few last opportunities left to become the quintessential “citizen” of this most livable urban area in Ha Long, Quang Ninh.

The last 30 villas opened for sale in the fourth quarter of this year are mainly detached villas. With a land area from 180 to 500m2 and a floor area of ​​about 90 to 200m2, each Sun Grand City Feria villa will have 40-50% of space for gardens and green areas. “This is the point for customers to put their personal stamp on the villa itself – the factor that makes the attraction of the last 30 products at Sun Grand City Feria,” said the investor.

Project center square.  Photo: Sun Group

Sun Grand City Feria owns 6 internal parks. Photo: Sun Group

According to Sun Property, one of the reasons why Sun Grand City Feria has an impressive sales rate in 2020 is the prime location that the project owns. With the land fund of Ha Long beach being increasingly scarce, a location close to the beach and beautiful coastline like that of Sun Grand City Feria is an attraction for investors.

When owning a detached villa of Sun Grand City Feria, owners and families can enjoy the convenience of being close to the sea, next to the lake or located between 6 internal parks, clubhouses, and sports grounds. In addition, customers can also use various entertainment and shopping services in Sun Group’s ecosystem.

Just a few steps, residents of Sun Grand City Feria can visit Sun World Ha Long Complex, shophouse Europe shopping street, discover Old Town shophouse cuisine, and easily experience the high-class yacht Bay adjacent to the Port. Ha Long international passenger ship, or coming here is the square and shopping streets right at the Sun Marina complex.

View of the sea at the project.

Sun Grand City Feria single-family villa has its own charm to the elite. Photo: Sun Group

With these last 30 villas, the investor continues to apply preferential policies to customers such as lending up to 70% of the villa’s selling price, supporting 0% interest for up to 12 months and free of prepayment. within the interest rate support period.

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Exclusive distribution agent of Sun Grand City Feria project:
Fourhome agent: 0837 66 88 22
Newstarland agent: 0931 509 666



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