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One-billion-dong apartment boomed in the suburbs of Saigon – VnExpress


Many apartment projects priced at less than a billion dong appear in Binh Duong, Long An, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh…

In Binh Duong, from the beginning of the year until now, a series of investors announced to open and sell apartments with the selling price of about one billion dong. Kim Oanh Real Estate Group offers to sell the Legacy Central apartment project in Thuan An city with prices from 900 million VND to 1.5 billion VND each. In April, Hung Thinh Land also launched more than 1,900 apartments at Lavita Thuan An project with prices from 1.3 billion VND each.

After launching the project Bcons Plaza, Bcons Green View with the price of approximately one billion VND, recently Bcons Group continued to open and sell Bcons Sala apartments priced from 1.3 billion VND.

Similarly, Dat Xanh Group recently introduced the Opal City View apartment project, priced from 32-35 million VND per m2. With many small apartments, from 37m2, the selling price of some small apartments fluctuates around one billion VND. This is also the same price as apartments in Thinh Gia Tower project in Ben Cat, invested by Ruby Group Company.

In the market bordering the west of Saigon, Long An, Nam Long Group has also announced that it will cooperate with Nishi Nippon Railroad Company (Japan) to develop the EHome Southgate project with more than 1,000 apartments. This is a project in the Waterpoint project located in Ben Luc. Each m2 of apartments is expected to have a price of 18 million VND and will be launched at the end of the third quarter of this year, equivalent to about one billion VND each.

In Dong Nai, earlier this year, Hung Thinh Land also launched Bien Hoa Universe Complex project with the price from 1.3 billion VND per apartment. With that price, the cheap apartments in this project have quite good liquidity, so the cart currently only has apartments priced from 2.3 billion VND.

Another satellite urban area that has never developed apartment products before, Tay Ninh, also recently recorded the Golden City social housing complex project. The project is invested by Hoang Quan Group Joint Stock Company, with the announced price from 18 million VND per m2.

Roundabout in Ward 5, Tan An City in the days of Long An tightening social distancing. Photo: Hoang Nam

Sharing with Vhome Real Estate Data Channel, Mr. Le Hoang Chau, Chairman of Ho Chi Minh City Real Estate Association (HoREA), said that the legal procedure to develop housing projects in Ho Chi Minh City took many years, making the supply congestion, forcing many real estate businesses to migrate to satellite areas to make it easier to develop projects. Meanwhile, neighboring provinces such as Binh Duong, Long An, Dong Nai, Tay Ninh… are all benefiting from the improvement of transport infrastructure and regional connectivity.

“Many satellite urban areas today are not merely the ‘backyard’ of Ho Chi Minh City, but become a key, independent development pole, emerging from the strength of infrastructure and the concentration of many industrial parks,” said Mr. Mr. Chau commented.

Therefore, according to this expert, although the number of affordable apartment projects in the Saigon satellite area is still modest, the above trend shows that these markets are likely to overtake Ho Chi Minh City, becoming the most popular city in the world. become a new destination to attract investment in low-cost apartments.

Sharing the same view, Mr. David Jackson, General Director of Colliers Vietnam assessed, the shortage of housing supply in the affordable segment is very clear. According to data from the Ministry of Construction, the proportion of urban population is currently about 40% and will increase to 45% by 2030. With that goal, each year the urban housing area needs to increase by about 70 million m2. . This demand will be concentrated in big cities and localities with many industrial parks, including Binh Duong, Dong Nai, Long An or Ba Ria – Vung Tau… provinces that are evaluated as satellite areas. of Ho Chi Minh City.

Mr. Jackson explained that the main causes of the trend of moving low-cost apartments are the speed of urbanization, rapid population growth as well as the increase in people’s income. He also assessed that many mid-range apartment projects deployed in satellite towns around Ho Chi Minh City are currently at reasonable prices.

“The new basket of goods launched by investors on the market has many incentives including finance, lending policies… In addition, home loan interest rates are also at an appropriate level, which will help homeowners Real housing needs may be easier than owning a home,” Jackson said.

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