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Multi-use living space at UDIC Westlake


HanoiThe spacious apartments facing the West Lake, inheriting a chain of 34 high-class utilities and services in the Ciputra complex, are the first choice of customers.

Before the impact of Covid-19, the psychology of home buyers also changed a lot. Deloitte’s report shows that, compared to 2019, the budget for housing and utilities of Vietnamese users has increased from 7% to 12%. In which, quality is one of the prerequisite factors influencing the decision to buy a house of Vietnamese people, accounting for 25%, just after price.

“The arrival of Covid-19 is also a time when people pay more attention to the moment of enjoying life. What they want is a private place to go home, ‘pamper’ personal emotions, where each person can enjoy Enjoying precious moments with family. The spacious, spacious living space, in harmony with nature, attracts many people’s attention,” a real estate expert said.

One of the projects to meet that need is UDIC Westlake, a project built in the Ciputra urban area Nam Thang Long, Hanoi. Located in an area with low population density, the project offers residents an airy living space, with a construction density of only 18%. In particular, buildings with a height of 17 to 23 floors are arranged on three large open sides with the front facing West Lake – the largest natural air conditioner in Hanoi.

The score of “peace” becomes the new norm for the home. Photo: UDIC Westlake

The apartments at UDIC Westlake are built with an area from 84m2 to 168m2, suitable for decorating details according to personal preferences, bearing the imprint of the owner. Because spaciousness is always associated with luxury. The project satisfies the strict standards of living space of elites – aesthetic and sophisticated individuals, always aiming for intrinsic values ​​to find inspiration in work and life.

UDIC Westlake also values ​​personal experience. Here, each floor of the building has 4 apartments with its own elevator (two apartments, one elevator per floor). The elevator lobby and corridor are spacious, providing an airy space, making a difference compared to other projects on the market.

UDIC Westlake's well-maintained operating system creates a comfortable living space

UDIC Westlake’s well-maintained operating system creates a comfortable living space

“UDIC Westalke nurtures the dream of creating an isolated, peaceful island that still ensures comfort, modernity, easy connection to the outside world, setting new standards in terms of amenities as well as internal services. area for the residential community right in the center of Hanoi”, the representative of the investor said.

In addition, because it is located in the Ciputra urban area, the owner of UDIC Westlake also inherits a chain of 34 high-class utilities and services. It is a long internal walking path, flanked by shady trees or a podium garden where residents can see unique works of art. Residents can also stop at the central fountain, watch life in motion, enjoy relaxation and peace.

The project is highly appreciated for its location when it is located right on Vo Chi Cong street, north facing Nhat Tan bridge, opposite Lotte Mall will be formed in the near future. This location also helps UDIC Westlake inherit many modern infrastructures such as modern transportation system, industrial park, international school…

“The products at the project are not only a place to live, but also considered as one of the potential investment points in the Hanoi real estate market at this time. Especially when the project has been formed and legally owned. transparent management, long-term red book, guarantee for sustainable value,” said a distributor.

UDIC Westlake owns an expensive location right on Vo Chi Cong street

UDIC Westlake owns an expensive location right on Vo Chi Cong street. Photo: UDIC Westlake

According to many experts, Covid-19 has had a great impact on every country in the world, transforming economic flows, creating development trends and changing people’s ways of life. Values ​​and concepts that seem to be immutable are being repositioned in the direction of promoting human values, harmony and sustainability with nature. At this time, the living space that the upper class aspires to today is just luxurious and comfortable, but especially spacious, spacious, and in harmony with nature.

Owning a unique value chain, UDIC Westlake offers a promising living space that meets that rigorous demand, meets the real demand, and is both an investment property to help increase value for the elite. . The project has been put into operation with a complete legal status, a long-term red book, which is expected to be a valuable asset, increasing the cohesion of Vietnamese families.

Hoai Phong

UDIC Westlake apartment is priced from 30 million VND per m2, discount up to 4% for home buyers.

Contact details:

Hotline: 0936 002 076

Website: https://udicwestlake.com.vn/



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