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Million-dollar living space ’embraces’ Saigon


Located in the heart of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, The Grand Manhattan has a splendid appearance and optimal design, opening up a “million-dollar” living space for homeowners.

Luxurious living space

Inspired by Manhattan, New York and the dynamic rhythm of prosperous Saigon, the design of The Grand Manhattan project exudes vitality, strength, and stability with three seamlessly connected towers. Right below the podium of the towers is the international standard 5-star Avani Saigon hotel space, increasing the position of the project. Overall, The Grand Manhattan is like an architectural work of art, full of power, majesty and containing the flow of prosperity for future residents of the project.

Perspective of The Grand Manhattan hotel – apartment complex project. Photo: Novaland

More specifically, in the heart of those majestic towers are landscape utilities, green areas designed according to resort standards for owners to relax and enjoy a resort-standard life every day.

Not to mention, the apartments at The Grand Manhattan are intelligently designed, with meticulous calculation, optimal use. The living room and bedroom balconies are fitted with Low-E tempered glass from floor to ceiling, helping the entire space to receive natural light but with good heat and sound insulation to separate from the hustle and bustle of the center.

Perspective of the 5-star Avani Saigon hotel located at the podium of The Grand Manhattan project.  Photo: Novaland

Perspective of the 5-star Avani Saigon hotel located at the podium of The Grand Manhattan project. Photo: Novaland

It can be said that at The Grand Manhattan, every homeowner returning home will feel like entering a splendid and lavish 5-star hotel. Homeowners will be able to relax in the green space of the peaceful interior and enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with furniture from famous international brands, and the most advanced smart home technology application.

Enjoy Saigon from all angles

According to the house design website Apartment Therapy, in New York, the price of an apartment will increase by 9-12% if it has a clear view from above, and will increase by 15-80% if the view is facing the natural water surface like the river. , lake, sea. For example, the royal penthouse apartment The Setai Hotel and Residences, Miami with a magnificent view through the large glass window of the jade-green southern Florida sea or the vibrant city at night. To experience this luxury penthouse, visitors have to spend $ 30,000 a night, and the value of the apartment is valued at up to $ 27 million.

A good view is, in many cases, a key factor in increasing the value of real estate. The view of the apartment directly affects the emotions, attachments, and preferences of buyers as well as the potential to increase value.

The living space at The Grand Manhattan owns a million-dollar view that embraces Saigon.  Photo: Novaland

The living space at The Grand Manhattan possesses a “million-dollar” vision that embraces Saigon. Photo: Novaland

Located at 100 Co Giang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, The Grand Manhattan possesses an expensive view of the Saigon River, Ben Nghe canal or administrative and commercial centers; Iconic cultural and historical works. To optimize the million-dollar view from the “golden” location, all apartments at The Grand Manhattan are designed with floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Thanks to that, every day in the living space, homeowners can immerse themselves in the historical flow mixed with the modern look of Saigon.

Through the glass window, under the bright sunlight, or in the afternoon rain, homeowners can easily enjoy the full rhythm of Saigon life and enjoy the different colors of the magnificent city. These are iconic architectural works, imprinted with time stamps such as: Notre Dame Cathedral; Independence Palace, Ben Thanh Market; Fine Arts Museum…or the beauty of the Saigon River in the sunset; The streets are sparkling with lights or the alleys are bold with “Saigon” nostalgia…

Converging fully the international standard elements of a living space, according to investors, The Grand Manhattan deserves to be considered the perfect private place for owners to enjoy a regal life or immerse in the beauty of the world. Saigon’s own.

Son Quynh



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