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Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu ‘awakens’ the tourism potential of Bai Lu


Nghe AnThe Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu project was developed by Tan A Dai Thanh Group according to the model of an international standard four-season health care resort complex in the North Central region.

Owning a scale of phase I up to 52.5ha, Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu is ambitiously set by the project developer to change the tourist experience, turning Nghe An into an attractive destination for Vietnamese and international tourists. throughout the four seasons of the year.

According to Tan A Dai Thanh, the project will exploit mineral springs, in which mineral water is led into each villa. The mineral baths are designed to be personalized according to the health care needs, treatments and preferences of each audience. Combining spa & gym center, meditation area, yoga, sports center… the project will comprehensively meet all the health care needs of visitors.

Perspective of utility project Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu. Photo: Tan A Dai Thanh

In the overall utility of the project, there are also: shopping street, where the convergence of delicately designed shophouses; amusement park, art experience area – indigenous heritage, outdoor sports center, sea sports…

An indispensable factor that makes Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu’s pioneering and international position is the companion of the MGallery brand – a member of the prestigious Accor “family” globally. Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu is a project that owns a 5-star hotel complex and an international event center with a scale of 1,000 people branded MGallery, a beach villa area of ​​MGallery Residences standards, managed and operated by MGallery Residences. Accor (France). “Thanks to that, the project has international-class resort standards,” said the investor.

As a land of beautiful nature with unique heritages, Bai Lu (Nghi Loc – Nghe An) promises to be “awakened” by the push of the Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu project. In addition to the advantage of having sea, forests and mountains, Bai Lu’s coastline stretches for more than 1km, deeply ingrained in the mainland, clear and calm. Adjacent to the sea is a majestic mountain range surrounded by verdant pine forests. All create a wonderland and are suitable conditions for visitors to have many new experiences while staying here.

Perspective of the Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu project.  Photo: Tan A Dai Thanh

Perspective of the Meysenses Lucia Bay Bai Lu project. Photo: Tan A Dai Thanh

Bai Lu’s rise is also gaining momentum when Nghe An aims to make tourism a key economic sector of the province before 2030. In addition to “red carpet” policies to attract investment, the infrastructure system Traffic layer is also rapidly developed by Nghe An province. A series of arterial roads are promoted such as: the coastal route from Nghi Son (Thanh Hoa) to Cua Lo (Nghe An), the traffic road connecting Vinh – Cua Lo, the North – South highway, the Ha highway Noi – Vientiane (section through Nghe An), Terminal T2 – Vinh International Airport and some national highways in the area…

Mr. Duc Cuong – an investor with more than 10 years of experience said that in the near future, Bai Lu will be similar to Bai Dai Cam Ranh (Khanh Hoa), a vibrant tourist center with resort projects. international standard. “Back 7 years ago, Bai Dai Cam Ranh used to be a forgotten paradise. The emergence of large-scale, world-class projects has changed that land into a tourist attraction and a market. An attractive market for investors, Bai Lu is also facing the opportunity to change flesh like that,” said Mr. Cuong.

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