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Masterise Homes’ central location strategy


The location is considered a factor affirming the exclusive value of the Masterises Homes brand, along with the unique design and finishing to its own standards.

Regional center “core” location

“The difference of Masterise Homes when developing housing projects is to put the location factor first, creating a separate path compared to other investors in the market,” a Masterise Homes representative shared.

Affirming the importance of location in real estate investing, this unit cites the famous quote of Harold Samuel, who founded Land Securities in 1944, the largest real estate company in the UK: “Location, location and location”.

This is also considered a core element in the process of affirming value in the field of urban housing development, creating living space for the high-end residential community of Masterise Homes.

With a good location, homebuyers do not have to struggle in choosing products, do not need to spend a lot of time researching or understanding the market, and can still own a valuable property. .

“Customers accompany reputable investors, with products always located in the core of the regional center. This choice comes not only from solid financial potential or outstanding product quality, but also Most importantly, deciding the success or failure of each project lies in the vision in urban development of the investor,” said Masterise Homes representative.

Perspective of Masteri Center Point project of Masterise Homes. Photo: Masterise Homes.

Accordingly, in the context of increasingly scarce land funds in large urban areas, Masterise Homes is still looking for prime locations to develop products, proving the strong potential in the market.

Masterise Homes is a familiar brand mentioned with a series of large and resonant projects such as Millennium at Ben Van Don, located close to the center of District 1; Masteri Thao Dien, Masteri An Phu are located on the Hanoi highway. The projects bring together a prestigious community of residents, knowledgeable, long-term foreigners, creating living space for urban residents.

Masterise Homes develops many projects with prime locations.  Photo: Masterise Homes.

Masterise Homes develops many projects with prime locations. Photo: Masterise Homes.

Many new iconic Masterise Homes branded apartment projects such as Grand Marina Saigon at Ba Son port or One Central Saigon at the Ben Thanh quadrangle, or the luxury apartment complex Lumière Riverside with a “diamond” location in Hanoi. Hanoi highway frontage.

“These achievements are an affirmation of a distinctive and premium value associated with the Masterise Homes brand,” said the brand representative.

Masteri Center Point – priority first position

Expected to soon lead the wave of high-end real estate in the eastern creative urban area, Masteri Center Point owns a golden position when located in the heart of Grand Park, taking full advantage of the landscape and system. utility ecology of this megacity.

This is a high-class compound apartment complex possessing a permanent view of the Dong Nai and Tac rivers, the white sand lake, the 36-hectare central park, and at the same time, covering the whole city and towards the city center. the city, bringing a fresh space, balanced with the modern and vibrant rhythm of life.

The apartments at Masteri Center Point are luxurious and modern, located in the new city of Thu Duc.  Photo: Masterise Homes.

The apartments at Masteri Center Point are luxurious and modern, located in the new city of Thu Duc. Photo: Masterise Homes.

As one of the high-class apartment projects in Thu Duc City being implemented, the investor expects to create a living space for the resident community in the promising land of economy, knowledge and development cooperation. wake up of Ho Chi Minh City.

The solid foundation of this project comes from regional-scale connectivity infrastructure such as the North-South Expressway, the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay Expressway, metro line 1, ring road 2, and expressways. Mai Chi Tho and Pham Van Dong or Mien Dong bus station has just come into operation. Masteri Center Point is expected to contribute to raising the quality of residents’ living space to international standards in the middle of the fastest growing area in the city.

In the context of being affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Masterise Homes said that it has its own solutions to quickly adapt and continue to grow with many new sales strategies. Prominent is the Masterise Homes App with many preeminent features and was first deployed with the Masteri Center Point project.

Digital transformation solutions are also being urgently applied by many units to adapt to the change, meet the needs of customers who are increasingly putting health and safety first, along with the gold position in the industry. real estate project.

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