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Market demand increases attraction for satellite cities


After the pandemic, the trend of looking for quality living space in eco-cities near the center has blossomed, promoting the potential of satellite real estate.

Satellite real estate keep heating in translation

Satellite urban development has been implemented by many countries around the world since about half a century. In Vietnam, the two central cities, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, are facing pressures on: population growth, urban infrastructure… Therefore, the construction of satellite cities is a matter of all. in order to redistribute the population to the center, creating a uniformity in the development process between regions.

In the talk “Getting the pulse of satellite urban real estate” by Vhome, VnExpress Recently, experts said that the policy of satellite urban development has opened up the trend of satellite real estate investment for many years. About 10 years ago, many investors turned to satellite real estate in the neighboring industrial cities of Ho Chi Minh City such as Dong Nai, Binh Duong… and in the next 10-20 years it will be considered. is the decade of satellite real estate.

Customers looking for investment opportunities in the smart eco-urban city Aqua City before the gap. Photo: Novaland

Having a lot of experience in distributing satellite real estate, Mr. Pham Duc Toan, General Director of EZ Vietnam, said that in the central cities, the land fund is increasingly depleted… Meanwhile, the Satellite localities with large land funds are all having preferential policies to attract investment, boost the economy, expand the regional transport network, and develop synchronously infrastructure and utilities. In particular, land prices in satellite cities are still quite “soft”, there is still a large room for price increases, holding a lot of profit potential. “Therefore, satellite urban real estate has great attraction for investors,” said Mr. Toan.

Regarding the growth rate of satellite real estate, according to Mr. Toan, “some areas fluctuate by 100-200% in 1-2 years. Even some provinces have high prices but no one wants to sell.” While the Covid-19 epidemic is likened to a devastating economic storm, the major real estate markets are affected, in some satellite areas, the market has not yet recorded a decline in prices,” said Toan. emphasize.

Aqua City ecological urban area.  Photo: Novaland

Aqua City ecological urban area. Photo: Novaland

According to Mr. Phan Cong Chanh, an expert in the field of real estate investment, the epidemic has made the trend of green living and promoting health become more popular than ever. After many rounds of social distancing, having to “work from home” continuously, many people have changed their criteria for choosing a place to live to suit the new normal. The more people stay at home, the more people realize that living space plays a particularly important role, directly affecting both physical and mental health. So many people are willing to move away from the center, to have a better living environment for both their families and themselves.

Moreover, Vietnam is entering the “decade of cars”. When the number of car owners increases rapidly, their travel time is shortened, the travel radius is longer, the distance with them is no longer an issue. “Therefore, after the Covid pandemic, the trend of moving to satellite urban areas for a quality living space will become stronger,” said Mr. Chanh.

East of Ho Chi Minh City leading the interest of investors

The survey just conducted on satellite towns of the real estate data channel Vhome shows that the East of Saigon, especially Dong Nai, is leading among the satellite markets that investors are most interested in with the highest rate of investment. 16.8%, followed by Bac Ninh with 12.6%. Hung Yen, Long An, and Binh Duong are also among the 5 markets that are attracting the greatest attention of readers participating in the survey.

Explaining the leadership of Dong Nai, experts say that this province holds many advantages such as: concentration of many industrial parks, economic development, convenient transport connections, large land bank, rivers and streams. dense, very suitable for large investors to create large-scale ecological urban areas with complete utilities. In particular, this is also a locality where a series of key infrastructure is promoted, contributing to promoting real estate in urban sanitation in the east of Ho Chi Minh City. Accordingly, the trend of expanding population to satellite cities is bringing many opportunities for eco-urban projects in this area.

For example, Novaland Group with Aqua City smart ecological urban area. On a scale of 1,000 hectares, surrounded by the Dong Nai River and its creaking tributaries, Aqua City is smartly planned and complete with high-class facilities in the “all in one” model, helping residents enjoy the rhythm of the city. Modern living in the harmony of nature and rivers such as: the area’s leading plaza – marina complex, international standard hotels and resorts, commercial centers, entertainment, multi-purpose sports, schools, hospitals international standards institute…

Perspective of the complex of squares - Aqua Marina at Aqua City.  Photo: Novaland

Perspective of the complex of squares – Aqua Marina at Aqua City. Photo: Novaland

According to the evaluation of investors, Aqua City smart eco-urban area is even more attractive after the distance, when customers can visit, experience, and see with their own eyes the daily “change of flesh” of the urban area. ready to go into operation in 2023.

With the trend of looking for green living space, a fresh climate to regenerate energy, and balance life after the pandemic, eco-real estate experts continue to be a magnet to attract market capital flows. in the year-end period.

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