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Lang Son adjusts Hai Phat’s more than 3,000 billion VND project


The 1/500 planning of Mai Pha new urban area of ​​the joint venture between Hai Phat Investment Company and Ha Son Company has been approved and adjusted by Lang Son.

According to the approval, the project at Mai Pha in Lang Son city has a planned area of ​​nearly 92 hectares and a population of about 16,313 people. The nature of the project is a new urban area including amusement parks, sports and entertainment; public services and commercial and administrative services; military, residential areas with modern living space…

In terms of land use structure, the project has nearly 72 hectares of residential land, more than 4 hectares of urban green land, nearly 3 hectares of urban public land, nearly 3 hectares of defense and security land…

The project has highlight works such as mixed works (apartment, office, commercial, hotel, service,…) with a maximum height of 35 floors; the administrative center building has a maximum height of 15 floors; complex of social housing areas with a height of 15 floors; mixed buildings (office, commercial, hotel, cinema, service…) 12 floors high..

In 2015, Lang Son announced the 1/500 master plan of Mai Pha urban area project. The project at that time had a scale of 89 hectares with a population of nearly 10,000 people. Two years later, the project was adjusted for the first time with the land area increased to 91.7 hectares, the population also increased accordingly.

In mid-2019, the Lang Son Department of Construction had a tender invitation document in the form of open bidding for the 3 successful investors for the above project and selected two units, including the Hai Phat – Ha Son joint venture, meet technical requirements. By January 2020, Hai Phat – Ha Son was selected as the investor to implement the project. The total cost of project implementation according to the investor’s recommendation is more than 3,300 billion VND. The implementation time and progress is 6 years, from March 2020

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