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Khanh Hoa Real Estate expects recovery in vaccine passports


If the passport vaccine is applied, visitors to Khanh Hoa will increase, leading to the recovery of the resort real estate market.

Taking tourism as the engine of revival

With the goal of restoring tourism activities in the “new normal” state, Khanh Hoa has agreed to welcome domestic tourists and at the same time prepare a plan to welcome international visitors with “vaccine passports” in order to quickly quickly bring the tourism industry back to life and speed up.

To open the door to tourism, the effectiveness of the “vaccine passport” model largely depends on the global and domestic vaccination situation. Currently, a series of European countries such as Sweden, Switzerland, England, France… the number of people receiving the second injection has reached or exceeded 70%; The US, Japan, Korea, and Thailand are also accelerating the pace of vaccination. In Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi are also urgently vaccinating so that people can get 2 full shots of the vaccine soon.

Thanks to the positive signals from vaccination, from June, EU countries such as Germany, Denmark, Poland, Greece… have allowed people in the bloc to be allowed to travel back and forth with “passports” green” in hand. Thailand will also reopen airports to welcome passengers from October under similar conditions, while Japanese people will be able to move domestically and internationally with electronic vaccine passports.

Check passports and medical declarations of passengers when entering Vietnam in March 2020. Photo:Ba Do

Seizing the opportunity to recover, Khanh Hoa has welcomed the plan to open up Vietnam’s tourism through the policy of applying “vaccine passports”.

Possessing outstanding advantages thanks to the convergence of the potentials of sea and islands, nature, and diversified and modern connection infrastructure with vibrant international routes, deep-water seaports, highways… Khanh Hoa It is also blessed with a temperate climate. When the epidemic situation gradually stabilizes, the tourism industry opening scenario has many prospects, Khanh Hoa will show a very bright picture to fulfill the “dual goal” of recovering and accelerating tourism and economy in the future. near future.

According to investors, when the “vaccine passport” is officially applied, the locality can welcome millions of domestic and foreign tourists. In the context, many tourist markets are still closed, tourists are “forced” to stay at home for a long time… this strategy will be an opportunity for Khanh Hoa to serve “golden visitors” to the resort, spending, shopping.

ANCruising long-term property project

With the revival of economic activity, especially tourism, Nha Trang’s real estate market will also benefit, especially the group of products for tourism and resort. Covid-19 also makes investors more cautious in making choices. Instead of getting caught up in virtual crazes, surfing, they will look to solid and sustainable products.

According to experts, products with long-term ownership value are often favored thanks to the guarantee of assets and investment value. Moreover, the selection of products with long-term ownership value and location in the urban infrastructure development planning strategy will be a double guarantee to bring long-term profits to investors.

ANCruising Nha Trang long-term hotel apartment is being noticed by investors.  Project photo.

Perspective of ANCruising Nha Trang project.

ANCruising is one of the long-term resort investment products in Nha Trang market that attracts the attention of investors thanks to many outstanding factors such as: located in a prime planning location, linked with 2 sea-crossing bridges to the island. Bamboo and Hon Ro help to conveniently connect tourism and traffic. The project is also located right in front of the commercial and tourist service center attached to Nha Trang port with a scale of more than 34.64 hectares. In the future, the value of planning helps ANCruising enjoy the full synchronization of infrastructure, commerce and entertainment.

In addition, the apartment chain is also in the development plan of a high-class product population including: hotel apartments, mountain villas, luxury apartments… with a system of utilities, class services, self-contained and synchronized, providing a diverse and different experience suitable for many audiences.

In particular, Ocean Front Villas is ANCruising’s predecessor product with luxurious mountain-like villas. Each villa here has a unique terrain – leaning on the mountain, overlooking the emerald bay as far as the eye can see. Ocean Front Villas makes its mark thanks to its trendy design and sophisticated construction techniques, meticulous in every detail, creating the standard of a luxurious and unique resort in Nha Trang.

Mountain Villas at Anh Nguyen Ocean Front Villas.

Mountain Villas at Anh Nguyen Ocean Front Villas.

Following the success of Mr. Nguyen Ocean Front Villas, the ANCruising resort product is also one of the long-term ownership projects located on Tran Phu beach front. The investor is expected to hand over the ANCruising hotel apartments in the first quarter of 2023.

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