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Investment potential of Para Sol subdivision at KN Paradise


Possessing a strategic location with multi-point connectivity, located right in the center of the main project KN Paradise, Para Sol subdivision has many advantages to attract investors.

According to real estate experts, with resort products, the location of the project plays a decisive role in the potential to increase profits over the life of the product. Tourists often like the convenience close by, less moving, especially the accommodation must be close to entertainment, shopping and entertainment centers, spending less time traveling.

Most recently, the long-term low-rise resort urban subdivision of Para Sol is attracting the attention of investors thanks to its prime planning location, located between the KN Paradise complex in Cam Ranh.

Perspective of Para Sol subdivision.

Para Sol subdivision is located on the inter-regional road with a width of 24 m running through the project center. Through this route, residents or tourists can go directly to the largest commercial and service complex KN Paradise with facilities such as: art and culture square, KN Golf Links golf course, entertainment center indoor entertainment, Bai Dai beach… in just a few minutes.

Meanwhile, the 30m road, running along Para Sol is a busy trade bridge when connecting adjacent to the theme park cluster, water park… with a total scale of nearly 18 hectares, welcoming the flow of tourists. Come to experience and explore the entertainment and entertainment facilities at KN Paradise.

In addition, Para Sol also owns 15 m wide internal roads that intertwine between neighborhoods to help shorten the travel distance, opening up many connection options to the resort-style internal ecosystem including: : a big park, 13 ecological gardens, 16 pavilion playgrounds, health care and education areas… With a prime location and advantages in infrastructure, Para Sol is expected to bring a new rhythm. full of excitement, privacy and safety for residents.

In addition, Para Sol is located in the center of KN Paradise with an area of ​​nearly 800 hectares, where it is 5 minutes away from Cam Ranh International Airport, 10 minutes to Cam Ranh international seaport and Cam Ranh city, 30 minutes to Nha Trang. This project is expected to become the economic, entertainment and resort heart of Cam Ranh city.

KN Golf Links – an international destination facility at KN Paradise.

KN Golf Links – an international destination facility at KN Paradise.

Mr. Hoang Anh, an investor with 10 years of experience in resort markets such as Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, and Da Nang… said that investment products near utilities often cost 10- 10 more. 20%, because of good liquidity, investors can sell and get profits early or if used for rental investment or self-business or trust, both have the prospect of tenants and outstanding prices. .

Therefore, with Para Sol low-rise resort urban subdivision, the same problem is being applied. Thanks to the fast multi-point connectivity along with the international utility ecosystem of KN Paradise, it will create a great attraction for domestic and foreign tourists.

In addition to entertainment, shopping, and utility activities, KN ​​Paradise also has many unique tourism services and sports activities associated with a 4.7km stretch of white sand beach. The diversified, comprehensive, all-in-one resort ecosystem is a trend in the world.

“In the future, when the vaccine passport is applied in Khanh Hoa, millions of tourists come to KN Paradise to travel and relax, which will be an abundant source of profit for investors who know how to seize opportunities,” said Mr. Hoang Anh. determined.

Thao Mien

The project is developed by BHS Group
Website: https://parasol.com.vn/
Address: 2nd Floor – Thanh Xuan Complex, No. 6 Le Van Thiem, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi.



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