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Investment in Ireland from 400,000 euros


The open investment policy is one of the factors that makes Ireland become the focus of attracting investors and business people around the world to settle down.

Ireland is a country that is highly appreciated for its prosperous economy, clean environment and top quality healthcare and education in Europe. In addition, the open investment policies on procedures, transparency in mechanism and flexibility of the IIP IIP Investment Program also make many Vietnamese families choose Ireland as a settlement destination in the future.

Currently, IIP has 2 popular investment forms. One is a grant of 500,000 euros for social projects related to culture, art, sport or education by the Government. If investing in a group of 5 people, each individual only needs to spend 400,000 euros.

The second form is to invest one million euros in a business or investment fund that meets the requirements of the Government in Ireland within 3 years. Both forms are well received by investors because of their safe nature, approved by the Government.

In addition to the form of investment in capital enterprises, about two years ago, the first form of investment, the Irish Government grant, gradually proved attractive. In 2019 and 2020, the number of investment registration documents in the form of Endowment accounted for a high proportion. Figures as of February 2021, up to 26% of investors choose to invest in the Government, second only to the number of investors pouring money into businesses (56%) and twice as much investing in financial funds. 14%).

In 2019 and 2020, the number of investment registration applications in the form of Endowment accounts for a high proportion. Source: Irish Ministry of Justice

Here are the reasons why this form of visa exchange sponsorship is increasingly popular:

Shorten investment time

The biggest obstacle currently of many immigration programs on the market today is the waiting time from the time of application, which can be up to 4-5 years. Not everyone is prepared to wait for such a long time, the risk of policy changes is high, which can easily affect the review results. Not to mention, the difficulty of determining the time to settle down makes business and business plans and the children’s learning process disturbed. These programs also come with a series of mandatory requirements in terms of education, foreign language or corporate governance capacity.

The IIP Immigrant Investor Program, which is positioned as Ireland’s spearhead strategy to restore the economy after a period of depression in 2008. Launched in 2012, hundreds of millions of euros have been collected by Ireland each year so far each year. and pay for welfare activities and accelerate social security facilities such as social housing or nursing homes. Therefore, the immigration mechanisms under the program are streamlined by the Government of this country to facilitate immigration authorities and investors but still ensure science and logic.

Successful investors under the IIP Immigrant Investor Program are guaranteed the right to live, study and work in Ireland for themselves and their families.  Photo: iStock

Successful investors under the IIP Immigrant Investor Program are guaranteed the right to live, study and work in Ireland for themselves and their families. Photo: iStock

For the form of funding for government welfare programs, the application approval time is even shorter because the investor does not need to choose a project or product of the enterprise. The total time from deploying the application to receiving the Letter of Approval is only 4-6 months, absolutely no qualification review, no foreign language requirements, no interview, no business knowledge.

The whole process of getting this right of residence investment can be done for the whole investor’s family right in Vietnam without having to fly to Ireland. This is considered an advantage of the program during the period when entry and exit flights in Vietnam are still quite limited.

Flexible cash flow

The stability and rigor of this form is highly appreciated by many investors and immigration experts. Some immigration investment programs within a few years of implementation have changed key policies such as minimum investment limits, or immigration laws for foreigners. There are many cases where there are very potential initial applications, investors pay millions of dollars, after many years of waiting, their aspirations are rejected, they have to change their records and queue from the beginning.

Investing IIP through Bartra Wealth Advisors, investors can get Irish residency for the whole family quickly after 4-6 months.  Photo: iStock

Investing IIP through Bartra Wealth Advisors, investors can get Irish residency for the whole family quickly after 4-6 months. Photo: iStock

Meanwhile, from 2012 until now, the IIP immigration program has almost unchanged in policy, even removing many obstacles and confusion for investors. For example, investors do not need to pay the investment in advance. Accordingly, investors’ cash flow can be flexibly circulated, convenient for business and production during the time the procedure is approved.

Only after obtaining the Letter of Approval will the investor need to transfer EUR 400,000 for the funding portfolio. Investors can rest assured because the transfer of investment money means they will be granted a Stamp 4 visa and have the right to reside in Ireland for the whole family. After 5 years of residency, investors can apply for Irish citizenship, officially become a European Union citizen and enjoy benefits, work in EU countries and have more visa-free passports. 186 countries and territories around the world.

Investing in social welfare activities

Some of the leading enterprises in investment immigration in Ireland such as Bartra Capital Group are deploying in parallel and reaping positive results in both forms of investment.

According to the representative of this Group, besides the above two advantages, investors can also rest assured that the funding of 400,000 EUR will be transferred by Bartra to the Government for use in social welfare activities, the educational, artistic or sports improvement projects to enhance the quality of life of the people.

When it comes to social projects, sport is still Ireland’s strength. The country is most proud of its rugby team, which has successfully competed on the world stage. In 2019, Ireland was number one in the Men’s Rugby World Ranking and is currently in sixth place as of February 2021, behind South Africa, New Zealand, England, France and Australia.

Connacht players celebrate after winning the Guinness PRO12 Final.  Photo: Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

Connacht players celebrate after winning the Guinness PRO12 Final. Photo: Ramsey Cardy/Sportsfile

Investors can now choose to sponsor Connacht Rugby – one of the four most professional rugby teams in Ireland. The team has competed in the United Rugby Championship and the European Cup, which is the top rugby league in Europe, and has won the United Rugby Championship. (URC) 2016.

Connacht Rugby is currently considered a recognized sporting body by the National Internal Revenue Service of Ireland.

Implement a number of Ireland’s national policies, including: the regional development plan proposed in the Ireland Development Plan 2040; The development direction of Western Ireland proposed by the Northwest Conference; Galway City Development Plan and Ireland National Sports Policy 2018-2027. Connacht Rugby has submitted to the Government plans to develop a high-performance center and stadium at the complex. Sportsground.

The redevelopment plans have been fully licensed and include a high-performance competition centre, a 12,000-capacity stadium as well as new pitch and floodlights. The Irish government has agreed to invest a budget of 20 million euros to make this project a reality.

The €400,000 invested by each IIP investor will also be used by Bartra to help fund the redevelopment of the new stadium and the construction of Connacht Rugby’s Galway indoor training center.

Investment in Ireland from 400,000 Euros

Investment route to Ireland with Bartra Wealth Advisors through Sponsoring the Connact Rugby team. Source: Connact Rugby

Investors interested in Ireland IIP Investment often choose the investment route in the enterprise’s project to receive 100% return, and especially, when investing in nursing home projects, they also earn 20% profit after 5 years investment period. However, sponsoring the Connacht Rugby football team is also an effective investment solution, especially for investors who prefer the speed, convenience and do not need to learn carefully about the project information of the company. businesses, said Bartra’s representative.Investment in Ireland from 400,000 euros - 4

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