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Hoi An real estate owns the advantage of the city by the canal


Like famous canal cities like Venice, Vienna or Warsaw, real estate in Hoi An has many upside prospects, according to investors.

Similarities with ancient cities

Famous ancient cities such as Venice (Italy), Vienna (Austria), or Warsaw (Poland)… are all recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites, bringing with them the values ​​built up from the resonance. geographical location, long history and indigenous culture.

Venice canal city. Photo: Shutterstock.

Real estate prices in cities are always high. The purchase price of retail space in Venice is the highest among major Italian cities, at more than 4,300 euros per square meter, while the rent on the main street of Calla San Moisè in this city is also more than 7,000 euros per square meter. /year (equivalent to more than 12 billion VND per year for a business space of about 50m2).

Explaining this expensive price, market research firm Statista said that Venice’s space is limited while the number of overnight guests has doubled since 2003 and will continue to increase in the future. future. This makes the prices of all types of real estate here skyrocket. “It is not surprising that retailers and investors want to seize the opportunity to own the space of one of the most famous cities in the world,” said an investment expert.

Hoi An Ancient Town seen from above.  Photo: ?????

Hoi An Ancient Town seen from above. Photo: Shutterstock.

Hoi An ranked fourth in the ranking after Venice – Italy, Amsterdam – Netherlands and Bruges – Belgium in terms of cities with the most famous canals in the world, according to the poll of the travel site Tourpia. Coming to Hoi An, visitors can explore the idyllic and ancient with wooden frame houses, brown brick roofs, characteristic yellow walls when surfing along the canal that divides the city into two parts.

Compared to European canal cities, the area of ​​Hoi An city is smaller, less than 60 square kilometers and has always been placed in strict conservation status. Experts say that Hoi An still has a lot of work to do to develop sustainable tourism and expand the neighborhood to reduce the load on the narrow core of the old town.

Commercial development prospects of Hoi An real estate

As a busy trading port since the 16th century, a meeting place for Japanese, Chinese and Western merchants, this trade flow is still present in Hoi An, hidden beneath the quiet, ancient beauty. , idyllic.

The old town area now has only 1,068 old houses for living and doing business. In which, there are hundreds of years old old houses, attracting many visitors such as Tan Ky, the ancient church of Tran Hoi An, Phung Hung, Duc An, Quan Thang, Diep Dong Nguyen, Thai Phien. On average, Hoi An welcomes about 5.5 million visitors each year.

Traditional products such as handmade lanterns, garments... of Hoi An are popular with tourists.  Photo: ???

Traditional products such as handmade lanterns, garments… of Hoi An are popular with tourists. Photo: Shutterstock.

Not only famous for traditional souvenirs such as lanterns, garment is also a famous and very popular item when tourists come to Hoi An. Anh Nhan – a garment shop owner in Hoi An said: “There are peak periods, we maintain 400 employees at the factory so that we can sew and return clothes to customers on the same day.”

Trading in Hoi An is convenient not only thanks to the source of tourists coming to the heritage land but also from 12 famous traditional craft villages such as lantern craft village, Kim Bong carpentry village, Thanh Ha pottery village, etc. Tra Que vegetable village, Phuoc Kieu bronze casting village… Mr. Ha, owner of a handmade lantern production facility in Hoi An said: “Every year my facility produces several hundred thousand lanterns to supply. for shops in the old town, in addition to the US market”.

Because of the potential for commercial development mentioned above, real estate in Hoi An ancient town is always expensive. Each house in the old town has a selling price of 60-70 billion VND. The average rental price is about 100 million/month.

Business premises, living in Hoi An is a valuable asset and potentially profitable over time. However, with the increasing number of visitors and the scarcity of land, the demand for expansion into neighboring areas with new shopping and entertainment centers is increasing day by day. The Hoian d’Or project with a total area of ​​​​nearly 25 hectares is located only 800 meters from Hoi An ancient town.


Hoian d’Or perspective.

As part of the planning to develop new services and supplies around a radius of 1 km from the core area to diversify and reduce the load on the old town, Hoian d’Or is oriented to become a cultural and ecological resort that will is a breakthrough feature, a new resort destination, bringing a variety of options for visitors when coming to Hoi An in the near future.

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