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Highlights of Vinhomes Ocean Park project


HanoiVinhomes Ocean Park converges 3 elements of connectivity, utilities and living environment, with the potential to become a new center in the East of the capital.

Five years ago, the Eastern area, although not far from the core of Sword Lake, had to cross the Long Bien and Chuong Duong bridges to reach the center of Hanoi. The population density is not high, but traffic jams still happen frequently. In addition, moving within the district is not very convenient because there are not many major radial roads.

Synchronous connection infrastructure

In just a few years, the appearance of the East of the capital has changed rapidly thanks to the development of infrastructure. In addition to the two old bridges, residents can now move in all directions through Vinh Tuy Bridge, Thanh Tri Bridge, it takes about 15 minutes to reach the Old Quarter, the new administrative center to the west of Hanoi. With the appearance of many lifeline projects, Vinhomes Ocean Park promises to become the new center of the Eastern city with connectivity capacity, shortening the travel time to the inner city.

The makeover of the East area is also marked by the impact of large real estate projects, typically the Vinhomes Ocean Park mega-urban area, with a scale of up to 420 hectares. The connectivity from the project is highly appreciated by the planners, close to many key national roads such as the Hanoi – Hai Phong highway, the Trans-Vietnam highway 1A, National Highway 17 connecting Hanoi with Bac Ninh, Inter-provincial road Hanoi – Hung Yen, Co Linh intersection…

The infrastructure of the East is gradually being completed, seen from above. Photo: wines

Connectivity from Vinhomes Ocean Park in particular and the East of Hanoi in general has plenty of room for continued growth. Mr. Hoang Dinh Khiem – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietstarland Real Estate Development and Business Joint Stock Company assessed that the infrastructure in this area will quickly break through when Vinh Tuy 2 bridge is completed with 4 traffic lanes, double the current level. in. In addition, when Tran Hung Dao Bridge is deployed and the future is Tu Lien and Giang Bien, the eastern area of ​​Hanoi will be connected closer to the central core area than ever before.

Urban “all in one”

Not only infrastructure, the appearance of Vinhomes Ocean Park also contributes to opening the wave of resident displacement. After just over a year and a half since handing over the first apartment, Vinhomes Ocean Park attracts a population of up to 28,000 people.

According to experts, the cause of this shift, in addition to the connection location, is also thanks to the world of modern and convenient facilities here. Before that, if they wanted to shop and entertain, residents often had to move to Hoan Kiem and Hai Ba Trung districts… where many big brands were concentrated.

Currently, right in the heart of Vinhomes Ocean Park, there is Vincom Mega Mall in the top 5 largest commercial centers in the Vincom system. After nearly a year of opening, many big brands simultaneously landed here, creating one of the most exciting shopping and entertainment centers in Hanoi. Most of life’s needs are met at Vinhomes Ocean Park with full facilities and high standards.

Living space at Vinhomes Ocean Park.  Photo: Vinhomes

Living space at Vinhomes Ocean Park. Photo: wines

Regarding education, right in Vinhomes Ocean Park, there is a Vinschool inter-school system with all levels of education. If expanded further, residents can access dozens of public and private schools. In addition, VinUni University is also located right in the area. Regarding health care, Vinmec International General Hospital will be the ideal choice with modern facilities and a team of leading medical experts.

All amenities that meet the needs of residents’ lives can be reached within just three minutes of travel. Within a radius of 5-10 km, all services from entertainment and shopping to education and healthcare are also expanded to meet diverse needs.

On the other hand, Mr. Hoang Dinh Khiem – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Vietstarland acknowledged that the East is becoming a new “stop” for residents of the capital because of the strength of an urban area designed as resorts. Urban with salt water lake, green coconut trees and fine white sand beach is the resort life at Vinhomes Ocean Park.

Sea and lake surface at Vinhomes Ocean Park.  Photo: Vinhomes

Sea and lake surface at Vinhomes Ocean Park. Photo: wines

With a 6.1-hectare saltwater lake or a 24.5-hectare freshwater lake and a long stretch of white sand, Vinhomes Ocean Park residents can enjoy the privilege of living near the sea. Resonating with the large space of trees, water surface, playground system, sports field, Vinhomes Ocean Park apartments bring a higher standard of living, especially when the old central area is getting more and more “suffocating” ” for lack of space.

“In addition, in the near future Gia Lam will officially become a district-level administrative unit of the capital. In the rapidly changing overall picture of Hanoi, the image of ‘New Hanoi’ promises to appear today. a clear one, Mr. Khiem commented.

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